June 8th, 2018

Below the Surface

7 Ideas for Aquarium Celebrations

Looking for ideas to plan an amazing World Oceans Day event at your aquarium? Here are 7 great ways to celebrate based on actual events held at aquariums around the globe for World Oceans Day 2015.

Abby Tripler 22-Mar-2016
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Be a Blue Business

Photo: El Nido Resorts

The focus of World Oceans Day is spreading the word about the importance of our oceans for our health, food, climate and enjoyment. No matter what country we live in our how far away from the coast we are, our actions impact the ocean and we have an opportunity to effect positive change for ocean conservation. Why not make an even bigger positive impact by working together with your coworkers?

Abby Tripler 16-Mar-2016
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Seas the Day in March: Green Your Commute

Our transportation choices have a huge impact on greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon dioxide and methane, which contribute to climate change and ocean acidification. Transportation is the fourth-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Seas the Day in March by incorporating alternative methods to get around every day and lowering your reliance on cars -- especially if you’re driving alone.

Alexandra Thomsen 08-Mar-2016
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Diving to Make a Difference

As you plan your event for 2016, use the following examples as inspiration for how you can help protect the health and beauty of the oceans this upcoming World Oceans Day, June 8th! Last year divers around the globe celebrated World Oceans Day, helping to clean our ocean and maintain healthier ocean ecosystems. Here we highlight just a few of the many great events held by divers last summer.

Lena Champlin 01-Mar-2016
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Coding for Fish

In 2014, the U.S. Department of State, under Secretary of State John Kerry, hosted the first annual Fishackathon (“fish-hack-a-thon”), a coding competition aimed at tackling issues in sustainable fishing, in five cities across the United States. The competition is organized as a public-private partnership, capitalizing on the expansion of mobile technology use in the developing world in order to address sustainable fishery challenges.

Cora Wiese Moore 24-Feb-2016
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Seas the Day in February: Make Connections in your Community

Seas the Day in February by exploring the many ways your community is linked to the ocean. Connecting with your community, experiencing nature, and doing volunteer work to benefit the environment are all things that can make you happier and the planet healthier. Remember, even if you live inland, we are all connected to the ocean. All waterways flow to the ocean, so protecting your local river or watershed will help the ocean down the line!

Alexandra Thomsen 16-Feb-2016
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Seas the Day in January: Resolutions for the Ocean

Your list of New Year’s resolutions may have included improving your personal health with exercise or eating better but what about resolving to improve ocean health? The health of the ocean has a direct impact on us, effecting everything from air quality to seafood. This year let’s make a goal to work together to help the ocean.

Abby Tripler 12-Jan-2016
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Seas the Day in December: Give Back to the Ocean

This month let’s celebrate the oceans by giving back. Here’s a short list of causes you can help support, with some ideas for fundraising which could help them have an even greater impact. Continue the love and raise some money for an ocean conservation effort for World Oceans Day!

Abby Tripler 10-Dec-2015
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Seas the Day in November: Get less trashy with the 4 Rs

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink: The first step to being environmentally conscious is rethinking your everyday actions. It’s best to rethink every purchase, reuse what we have, reduce what we buy, and recycle as much as we can. Before you buy that plastic water bottle or use a plastic bag at the grocery store, rethink and go green for the ocean.

Abby Tripler 16-Nov-2015
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Seas the Day in October: Save energy, save the ocean

Did you know October in the US is National Energy Action Month? Though it may seem far off, thinking about your World Oceans Day celebration now will allow plenty of time to brainstorm creative event ideas. Why not tie in a message about energy conservation?

Abby Tripler 16-Oct-2015
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