World Oceans Day is 8 June

Below the Surface

Ocean for Educators

Did you know that we have explored less than 5% of our oceans? Even though there is so much more to explore and learn about the oceans, there is an abundance of knowledge to share about the sea and its inhabitants. This World Oceans Day, teach others not only about the incredible marine life below the surface, but also about the importance of the ocean and its role in our everyday lives. Educators have an especially unique opportunity to teach the next generation why it’s important to keep our oceans healthy for the future.

Samantha Mackiewicz 06-Apr-2017
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Seas the Day in April: Green Cleaning

Seas the Day this April by greening your cleaning habits. Discover whether your products are environmentally friendly, and engage in sustainable cleaning practices. Everyone’s small shifts away from harmful products can add up to keep toxic chemicals and pollution out of our drinking water and the ocean, where they can harm marine life.

Alexandra Thomsen 04-Apr-2017
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Ideas for Resorts: Engaging Guests on World Oceans Day

How can resorts help encourage healthier ocean stewardship? Engage your visitors on World Oceans Day with exciting events and fun activities. Ocean resorts have a chance to turn tourism into activism, empowering visitors by helping them to learn more about the challenges faced by the beautiful environments that surround them.

Samantha Mackiewicz 29-Mar-2017
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How to Get Official Community Recognition for World Oceans Day

From 2004-2008, The Ocean Project and World Ocean Network and our partner organizations around the world, created and widely circulated a petition to the United Nations asking them to officially recognize World Oceans Day as 8 June each year. Having tens of thousands of people sign the petition helped make possible the passage of a resolution by the UN General Assembly in late 2008 that officially recognized World Oceans Day.

What about your own town, city, district, province, state, or nation? Getting official recognition on any of these levels is a great way to help spread the message to your entire community and encourage more widespread celebrations of the ocean and its importance in our everyday lives.

Alexandra Thomsen 21-Mar-2017
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Diving in to World Oceans Day

Every year, more and more divers, dive clubs, and dive organizations join in on World Oceans Day celebrations. Whether you choose to dive beneath the waves or stay above the surface this year, there are so many ways divers can celebrate World Oceans Day across the globe.

Samantha Mackiewicz 14-Mar-2017
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5 Ideas for Aquarium Celebrations

World Oceans Day is a great day for the public to visit their local aquarium to learn about and celebrate the incredible marine life in our oceans. Make your aquarium celebration special this year with these 5 new ideas.

Samantha Mackiewicz 08-Mar-2017
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Businesses Go Blue for World Oceans Day

Planning a World Oceans Day event for your workplace is a fun and effective way to get others to participate in celebrating and protecting our oceans. Check out some ideas for your company, business, or place of work.

Alexandra Thomsen 07-Mar-2017
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Seas the Day in March: Green Your Commute

Our transportation choices have a huge impact on greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon dioxide and methane, which contribute to climate change and ocean acidification. Transportation is the fourth-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Seas the Day in March by incorporating alternative methods to get around every day and lowering your reliance on cars -- especially if you’re driving alone.

Alexandra Thomsen 01-Mar-2017
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