June 8th, 2018

Below the Surface

Businesses Go Blue for World Oceans Day

Planning a World Oceans Day event for your workplace is a fun and effective way to get others to participate in celebrating and protecting our oceans. Check out some ideas for your company, business, or place of work.
Event Ideas
Alexandra Thomsen 07-Mar-2017
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Seas the Day in March: Green Your Commute

Our transportation choices have a huge impact on greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon dioxide and methane, which contribute to climate change and ocean acidification. Transportation is the fourth-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Seas the Day in March by incorporating alternative methods to get around every day and lowering your reliance on cars -- especially if you’re driving alone.

Alexandra Thomsen 01-Mar-2017
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Seas the Day in January: Get (Fin)spired

Rediscover your love for the ocean this January and spread this inspiration to others in your life! Even though the oceans cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface and contain 99% of its living space, there’s an overall bias towards terrestrial creatures and ecosystems when it comes to conservation. In 2013, only about 6% of the species protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act were marine. Here are some ideas to help you connect with the ocean this month and remember your own reasons for caring about its protection.

Alexandra Thomsen 10-Jan-2017
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Young Ocean Advocate takes the Better Bag Challenge!

Isabelle is a young and passionate ocean advocate. At just 10 years old, she's taken the Better Bag Challenge on World Oceans Day for the past two years. On June 8th, 2017 she will have saved about 7,000 plastic bags!

Isabelle Reinecke 05-Jan-2017
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Seas the Day in December: Give Back to the Environment

For many people, the holiday season ends up generating more waste than other periods of the year. Following these tips will help you keep up your sustainability efforts, many of which can also be helpful throughout the year. Have a happy holiday season!

Alexandra Thomsen 02-Dec-2016
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