World Oceans Day is 8 June

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"One Water" Photo Competition- Wastewater as a Resource

The Global Environment Facility funded Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management (GEF CReW) Project and the United Nations Environment Caribbean Environment Programme are having a Photo Competition under the theme Wastewater as a Resource. 

The GEF CReW "One Water" Photo Competition is a part of the efforts of the project to increase knowledge and influence positive attitudes towards and perceptions of wastewater using visual representation of the opportunities for treated or partially treated wastewater reuse. The competition aims to demonstrate the importance of good wastewater management practices as crucial in reducing the pollutants that enter our waters. It also seeks to promote more planned use of treated wastewater by demonstrating real examples of how wastewater is being or can be used reused as a resource. The scope of the competition is unlimited and may provide examples that can be considered for replication across the Wider Caribbean Region, where feasible.  “One water” is selected as the name of the competition as it adequately denotes that all wastewater returns to the earth to become the water we once again use in everyday life and is therefore just as valuable.

Deadline: JUNE 5, 2017. Winners to be announced on World Ocean's Day- June 8, 2017

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"Shellfishing without litter" - Beach cleaning and awareness campaign, Sado Estuary, Portugal

“Shellfishing WITHOUT litter" (Mariscar SEM Lixo): Awareness and beach cleaning voluntary campaign aims at 1) change the behaviour of razorshell shellfishers to not discard plastic salt containers in the estuary, 2) to clean the Sado estuary margins , 3) to promote the vision of a clean estuary maintained by its coastal community and 4) to aware the participating volunteers for the problem of increasing plastic in the Ocean.

Every month a voluntary beach cleaning campaign and direct shellfisher’s awareness (when possible) is organized. A good practices network is being implemented empowering fisherwomen to be leaders of behavioural change within the fishing community. Increasing engagement of local stakeholders such as councils, industry, supermarkets, retailers and tourism enterprises, is gained in every action of the campaign.

More than 1000 volunteers have already participated, cleaning more than 23 tons of marine litter and 31000 plastic salt containers from the sado estuary.

In the 8th of June children from Setúbal will participate in the beach cleaning action and will become aware of the marine litter problem.

“Shellfishing WITHOUT litter" is organized by Ocean Alive and it is sponsored by Lisbon Oceanarium and Oceano Azul Foundation

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"Sirenetta & the Second Star" World Premiere

Celebrate the sea with the world premiere of "Sirenetta & the Second Star" on Amazon Video! Join Nettie Pearlman, the part-time mermaid princess, as she dives into an ocean of adventure. From Sea Monsters to Grecian Sea Nymphs to Caribbean Pirates, you'll experience all kinds of marine mythology with Nettie and her mermaid friends.

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"Souls of the Vermilion Sea" Online Film Screening and Facebook LIVE Filmmaker Q&A

This World Oceans Day join fellow ocean lovers from around the world for an ONLINE EVENT about the world's most endangered marine mammal - the vaquita! Vaquita are one of the most critically endangered marine mammals on the planet, with only a handful of individuals remaining in their small part of the world. They have been driven to the brink of extinction by human activity - most notably as the collateral damage of illegal fishing oftotoaba for black market sales on eastern medicine markets.

Participation in this event is easy and completely free.
1. Watch the 30 min film "Souls of the Vermilion Sea" here: https://vimeo.com/212128879
2. Like our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/SoulsoftheVermilionSea/
3. Tune in to our Facebook page on 8 June 2017 at 6:30pm PT/9:30pm EST for a Facebook Live Q&A with the filmmakers and vaquita champions. Ask questions in real time and learn about the ambitious plans to save this highly endangered species from extinction.

This event is appropriate for all ages, including families, school groups, and community organizations.

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Celebrate the ocean and all it provides during a daylong "responsibly sourced seafood" and craft beer extravaganza at Chef Ryan Martin's 180º @ the DRB paired with the finest craft beers from M.I.A. Beer Company to benefit the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, on June 8th from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm at 180º @ the DRB located at 501 N.E. 1st Avenue, Miami, FL  33132.

"We are expanding our “Taste of the Sea” annual fundraiser to include smaller and more intimate events to create awareness about seafood sustainability and the health of the oceans. This year we join a global celebration of our oceans by bringing to Miami “Taste of the Sea” to support World Oceans Day on June 8th. This daylong "responsibly sourced seafood" and craft beer showcase is dedicated to celebrating ocean ecosystems, as well as sharing information about land-to-sea connections and the role people play in assuring the health of the world's ocean for future generations,” shares Adriana Sanchez, President of the Sea Delight Ocean Fund.

"We are excited to collaborate again with Ryan Martin of 180º @ the DRB and welcome a new collaboration with Eddie Leon of M.I.A. Beer Company, who are generously donating 50% of the proceeds to the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, to continue our strong efforts for sustainable seafood and ocean conservation," boasts Sanchez.

"I'm always thrilled to support the Sea delight Ocean Fund and to host their Taste of the Sea fundraising event in honor of World Oceans Day," says Chef Martin. "It's a great opportunity to support our seas and add my global flavor profiles to create mouth-watering seafood dishes that pair deliciously with M.I.A. craft beers," shares Martin.

At the Taste of the Sea celebration, attendees will savor a variety of the finest in "responsibly sourced seafood" paired with craft beers selected to blend with the flavors and essence of each fish dish. These special tasty pairings include:

  • Spicy Tuna Poke - $14.00

Yellowfin Tuna - diced raw tuna - green inion - sesame seeds - soy sauce - ozeki sake - sriracha - miso - mango avocado salsa paired with:

M.I.A. Big In Japan Sake Beer (10% ABV)   $8 full pour

  • Octopus Ceviche - $16.00   

Octopus - red onion- cucumber - jalapeno - cilantro - lime juice - yuzu koshu - yuzu juice - yuzo tobiko paired with:

M.I.A  Yachtzee Saison (5.5% ABV)   $6 full pour

  • Fried Snapper Sandwich -  $16.00

Crispy Fried Snapper - jicama apple slaw, jalapeno - horseradish garlic aioli paired with:

M.I.A. Neon White IPA (7.5% ABV)  $7 full pour

  • Steelhead Trout  - $18.00

Trout sous vide at 117º in an Asian marinade comprised of sesame oil, sake, brown sugar, and soy paired with: 

M.I,A,. Amberghini Amber Ale (5.5%)  $6 full pour

"There is nothing better than paring a crisp cold craft beer with a delicious gourmet seafood dish to raise funds for the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, while celebrating World Oceans Day, said Eddie Leon, Co-Owner of M.I.A. Beer Company.

Taste of the Sea hosts many fundraising and educational events throughout the year and has just started a #loveforlocals campaign to take these events on the road to local chefs and restaurants showcasing delicious responsibly sourced seafood and raise awareness for those chefs and restaurants who are looking to collaborate with the Sea Delight Ocean Fund.

About Sea Delight Ocean Fund:

The Sea Delight Ocean Fund, Inc. (501(c)(3) status pending) was founded in 2012 as an organization to administer the existing sustainability projects led by Sea Delight, LLC., and assist with the development and funding of current and new initiatives. The Sea Delight Ocean Fund’s focus is education, strategic planning, and management of international and multicultural teams and projects, as well as fostering partnerships with members of the seafood industry and other conservation groups to assist in the proper development and implementation of marine conservation efforts. www.sdoceanfund.org


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"Taste of the Sea" Celebrating World Ocean's Day

Join Chef Ryan Martin and Gastronomy Redefined team as they delight your palate with mouth-watering responsibly sourced seafood dishes by Sea Delight Global.

MIA Beer Company is pairing their line of fine craft beers that are the perfect companion to these delectable seafood dishes while raising awareness for our world's oceans.

In honor of World Ocean Day, 50% of the sales of these responsibly sourced seafood dishes and premium craft beers will benefit the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, a Miami-based 501(c)(3) non- profit organization. 

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"Un Océano de Jazz. Joshua Edelman & Steve Turre en concierto".

 El pianista y compositor nepyorquino afincado en Bilbao propone desde su espacio Jazz Cultural Theatre of Bilbao en colaboración con Agua Sin Plásticos & Salud del Planeta y Nakusarbe, asociación para la divulgación de la ciencia y la cultura, un viaje musical a través de los fondos marinos de Euskadi y de otros lugares del planeta con el objetivo de sensibilizar a los públicos sobre la necesidad de cuidar y respetar  los ecosistemas marinos por nuestro presente y por el futuro de las generaciones venideras. Se trata de un espectáculo multidisciplinar y multicultural que tiene como leitmotiv la idea de que la conservación de las tradiciones culturales y la conservación de la naturaleza, “son la misma causa”, dice el músico neoyorquino. Este es el motivo por el que, desde su productora Jazz Basque Country, ha tomado la iniciativa de producir un espectáculo dedicado a la salud de los mares y océanos, que ha titulado “Un océano de Jazz”.

Para esta ocasión Joshua Edelman contará con un invitado especial venido de Manhattan: Steve Turre, uno de los trombonistas más emblemáticos de los últimos cincuenta años de la historia del jazz, que, además, traerá consigo el sonido en directo de las caracolas del mar. Más de quince artistas de diferentes culturas y procedencias, dirigidos por Edelman, subirán al escenario en un espectáculo en el que convivirán el auténtico hardbop neoyorquino, el folklore vasco, la percusión afrocubana, y otras herencias musicales, con espectaculares audiovisuales de fondos marinos de diferentes lugares del planeta cedidas por la Asociación Nakusarbe tomadas por el biólogo marino Alberto Santolaria, ganador de varios galardones en diferentes ediciones de certámenes de cine submarino de Euskadi.

Ven a disfrutar de este concierto y participa con nosotros en la misón de mantener limpios los océanos de residuos plásticos. 

Las entradas se pueden adquirir en:


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¡Feliz Dia Mundial de los Océanos!

¡Feliz Dia Mundial de los Océanos!
Happy World Oceans Day!!

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“Beach and Marine Environment Protection Club” (BMEPC)

Sustainability for Ocean Protection

Hotels & Resorts situated on the Coastal belt of South India to form a club “Beach and Marine Environment Protection Club” (BMEPC) to commit to actions to “Protect the Ocean & Marine life” so it can continue to sustain us all into the future for developing strategies to act on long term solutions to the impact that Plastic, rubbish, and disposal of raw sewage has to be stopped and keep the beaches clean through continuous process, to educate the staffs on the dangers of Marine Pollution and Global Warming and climate change ,causing marked shifts in ocean environments and ecosystems.

The Aim of this club is to educate the citizen about the waste disposable should be carefully placed in the appropriate place so that it doesn’t end up fouling our oceans, rivers and lakes. We cannot take our marine environment for granted, nor treat it carelessly.

Hotels & Resorts situated on the Coastal belt of South India will form an agenda by partnering to reduce marine debris by constant routine beach & under water cleaning in association with agencies experts in underwater diving and Marine studies to have a close watch on keeping the Marine life safe from debris & pollution.

Planning to launch the Club on the 8th June 2017 on the World Oceans day.

There will be approximately 40 hotels coming in the belt but we will rope in backwater resorts also.

Being a hotelier in beach front of Kovalam, I felt like myself there are many fellow hoteliers who are there along the coastal belt. We all can start the mission and take up to entire Indian Coastal belt.

Looking forward for your support & co operation..

Thanks & regards

Raja Gopaal Iyer




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“Problue Loves Our Oceans” Marine Debris Beach Cleanup
Kenting Houbihu Beach 墾丁後壁湖海灘
“Problue Loves Our Oceans” Marine Debris Beach Cleanup

The Taiwanese diving equipment manufacturer Problue celebrates the World Oceans Day with the “Problue Loves Our Oceans” Marine Debris Beach Cleanup.

This event will take place in Taiwan Kenting Houbihu Beach (墾丁後壁湖海灘) on Saturday, June 3 afternoon.

Besides the beach cleanup,  an environmental education activity will be held to alert people to the increasing marine pollution problems and to raise awareness on the preservation of our oceans.

Registration and detailed information on our website and Facebook event page.

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