World Oceans Day is 8 June

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Adventure Aquarium Green2Blue

Join together to help make the Earth a better, healthier place!

What is #AAQGreen2Blue? There are 48 days between Earth Day (April 22) and World Oceans Day (June 8) – or seven weeks. In this special edition, we invite you and your students to complete our fun (and Earth-friendly) weekly challenges together.

As you complete each weekly challenge, check them off your list. Share your completed challenges on social media using #AAQGreen2Blue. We'd love to see them and cheer you on!

Then celebrate being awesome stewards for the planet on World Oceans Day!

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African Penguin release
Lookout Beach, Plettenberg Bay
African Penguin release

World Oceans Day, observed annually on 8 June, is a chance to remember and celebrate the vitally important role of oceans and the diverse life they support. This year the theme is “Our Oceans, Our Future”. This World Oceans Day, a group of NGOs has teamed up to help create a brighter future for the “Endangered” African Penguin.

Adult and juvenile penguins are often seen in the waters around Plettenberg Bay and are occasionally found on the beaches, injured, sick or moulting on the mainland where they are vulnerable to predation. Over the last four months, the Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre has admitted five penguins: two with injuries, one with avian malaria and the other two were moulting. The penguins have recovered well and have met the health, feather waterproofing and swimming requirements to be released.

They will be released at Lookout Beach in Plettenberg Bay at 09h00 on 8 June. The release is a collaboration between BirdLife South Africa, Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, the Nature’s Valley Trust, BirdLife Plettenberg Bay and CapeNature. Members of the public are encouraged to come experience the moment, and can meet the team near the Lemongrass parking area.

There is however a greater purpose behind releasing penguins in Plett. Penguins rehabilitated at Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre are usually transported to existing penguin colonies to be released. BirdLife South Africa with the support of its partners is leading on an ambitious new plan to start a new mainland penguin breeding colony in Plettenberg Bay. It was decided that rehabilitated penguins should rather be released from Plettenberg Bay as a part of this process.

“Establishing new colonies for penguins along the south coast is a vital conservation tool because the distribution of the penguins’ favourite prey, sardine and anchovy, has shifted away from the West Coast, where many of the penguin colonies are, to the southern coast and Agulhas Bank” says Christina Hagen of BirdLife South Africa who is leading the project.  “Because of a lack of breeding sites in the area, the penguins have been unable to adapt to this change. Plans for the Plettenberg Bay colony are still being formulated but information on this exciting conservation intervention can be expected soon” she explains.

“This is an exciting project for Plett, and while there is still much more work to be done, releasing penguins here helps to raise awareness of the project and saves the penguins some of the stress of being transported long distances to other colonies” says Dr Mark Brown, Program Director of the Nature’s Valley Trust.


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Alaska SeaLife Center celebrates World Oceans Day

The Alaska SeaLife Center is celebrating World Oceans Day on June 8 by spreading awareness about marine debris! Join us to help create a mural made entirely of bottle caps, participate in a plastic pledge, and watch a brand new documentary about marine debris. Additionally, visitors can watch Stellar Sea Lion and avian feedings throughout the day and meet Tuffy, the ASLC mascot! 

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aMORE - Festival of the Sea
Cinema POUP, The museum of the Porec territory, Lanterna
aMORE - Festival of the Sea

aMORE* festival of the Sea is first festival within the region which is entirely dedicated to sea and which intertwines and brings together art, culture, science, sports and entertainment.

The Festival’s goal is to draw attention to environmental, social and cultural importance of marine ecosystems as well as to human activities causing their degradation all with the goal of their preservation.

aMORE aims to raise the level of public awareness and to improve the relations developed and cultivated between local communities, visitors, tourists and sea. aMORE wishes to contribute to the activation of more mindful and responsible communities and tourists / travellers, whose collective action can contribute towards fulfilling The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, in order to preserve this priceless and crucial resource of ours.

Festival wishes to instigate networking and to support all the initiatives which are in some way related to sea, contributing to its preservation and valorisation.

This year’s Festival edition offers international documentary movie screenings, a photo contest, two exhibitions (photo and multimedia), open lectures, workshops, a seabed cleaning action and poetry reading night.

It starts the 8th of June with the screening of Planet Ocean  by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Michael Pitiot.

 “Put your finger into the sea you are connected to the whole world.”

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An Ocean of Discovery
Discovery Centre
An Ocean of Discovery

An Ocean of Discovery 

Join the Discovery Centre for Oceans Week with ocean-themed programming all week long throughout the centre.

Make sure not to miss the main event on Saturday, June 10th as the Discovery Centre will be offering FREE admission for an all ages! Check out their beautiful new waterfront location and participate in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) experience, featuring an array of ocean-themed programs including dissections, otolith extractions, interactive stories and much more!

They will also be joined by members of the Ocean community, who will be showcasing their organizations with interactive programs such as touch tanks, watershed activities and ROV demos.

Please visit www.thediscoverycentre.ca/events/an-ocean-of-discovery/ for more details.

This event is supported and sponsored by:

For more information, please contact: 

Andrea Durfee
Manager of Marketing & Communications 
Discovery Centre
1215 Lower Water Street
Halifax, NS B3J 3S8
902-492-4422 (2232)

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Anglian Water Support World Oceans Day with Video from JMS

JMS Group were commissioned by Anglian Water to create an educational video to share tips on how to keep beaches and bathing waters clean in the East of England.

They were keen to ensure the video was fun and engaging, encouraging people to share the tips online. JMS developed a theme song and sea creature characters to show how our actions directly affect the seas and its creatures. Anglian Water loved our suggestion of having seal’s birthday party and a crab’s first date ruined, and understood the vision we had for the video. It was a real pleasure for our team to work on, with the animation produced by our Senior Motion Graphics Designer Hugh South, and the song developed and produced by our creative team. Anglian Water launched the video on June 8th to celebrate World Oceans Day.

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Angola: Environmentalist Defends Sustainable Management of Oceans

Environmentalist, Jorge Samuel, said Thursday in Luanda that the management of ocean resources must be done in a sustainable way, taking into account the role they play on planet earth and in the human lives.

Speaking to Angop on the occasion of World Oceans Day, marked on 8 June, the expert said that the oceans are producing about 70 percent of oxygen that covers the planet, as well as other benefits, from food to energy.

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Answering the Ocean's Call: Stewardship of Our Ocean, Our Future

Coinciding with the UN Ocean Conference, the museum ship LILAC is celebrating World Ocean Day with a program featuring ocean advocates, conservationists, performers and educators who are striving to connect citizens with the waters that sustain us. Speakers include Mary Crowley, Betsy Damon, Tanja Andrejasic-Wechsler, David Thoreson, Nina Hitchings from The River Project. Presented in partnership with the Geoversiv Foundation and Our Humanity Matters.  Admission is free, but space is limited.  The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter LILAC is a retired lighthouse and buoy tender. See www.lilacpreservationproject.org for more information.

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Antigonish World Oceans Day Event 2017

June 8 is World Oceans Day, a global ocean celebration marked by special events, exploration, awareness, education, conservation, initiatives and beach clean-ups.

This year’s theme is: Our Oceans, Our Future.

For the last three years the St. Francis Xavier University Biology Dept. has been hosting World Ocean Day events for the community. This year marks our 4th event!

On June 11 the department will open its doors for a few hours to showcase the marine touch-tanks to the public. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover and learn about marine biodiversity.

There will be much to see and ‘touch’! We promise, you won’t be disappointeSo, save the date on your calendars and join us this summer. Your kids will LOVE it!

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Aquarium Adventures: Crazy Colors

Life is full of adventures, and many of them can be found right here in the Aquarium! This program will take preschool tykes on a quest throughout Ocean Journey before hours. Discover all the eye-catching colors in our many exhibits and learn about aquatic life while doing so and even meet a critter on your quest! While this adventure is intended for explorers ages 3-5, parents and siblings are welcome to join the expedition.

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