June 8th, 2018

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World Oceans Weekend!
Blair Drummond Safari Park
World Oceans Weekend!

Learn more about the underwater world, how to rescue amazing sea creatures and protect the ocean

Sound the Octo-Alert!   


We need you to join us on the 9th - 10th June for a weekend dedicated to protecting and conserving the world's shared ocean.


Come and explore the secrets from the deep and learn how to be an ocean hero.  You'll meet our sea lions and penguins, you'll learn why it's so important to keep our oceans clean and healthy, and we'll help you discover the simple steps that you can take to help protect the world's largest ecosystem.  

We'll have lots of fun for little ones, with interactive games and crafts themed around marine life and fun and hosted by some very special guests.

You can watch our Californian sea lions in action at the sea lion presentation, and learn a bit more about Forest, our famous snow-shuffling penguin, and chums at a special Meet the Keeper talk.

We'll also be unveiling a display of amazing artwork from the winners of Eco-Schools 2018 Marine Pathways competition.

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World Sea Turtle Day June 16th Event

Join us on World Sea Turtle Day to help spread the word about Sea Turtles and keeping their home clean!  There will be free face painting, free train rides, a live band, zoo exhibits, a choreographed dance and more!  All of this for just $10 if you order soon or $15 at the door.  Our nonprofit hospital rehabilitates sick and injured sea turtles for release back into the ocean.  We are the only long term rehabilitation facility in New Jersey with a permit to help sea turtles.  Now we need your help to save them!  6 to 8pm at the Turtle Back Zoo.  We will see you soon!

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Worlds Ocean Day
North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island
Worlds Ocean Day

Come celebrate the Ocean today at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island from 11 am - 2 pm. Learn through games and activities about our fantastic ocean and the challenges it faces today!

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World's Ocean Day Clean Up, Saba Rock

Clean up the mess Hurricane Irma left our islands in.  We will concentrate on Prickly Pear Island,  National Park, 243 acres, in the  British Virgin Islands. Posting this after the fact.  We collected 46 cubic yards that was initially gathered at various times over the months since the hurricane, by Eustasia Island's owner, Larry Page (Google) and his employees. We and 13 people from these islands, spent 8 hours collecting and transporting the waste off  Prickly Pear.  It was wonderful, great team work and we will go back and continue the work over the next few weeks.  

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Wyland Celebrates World Oceans Day at The Robert Bateman Centre

World-renowned celebrity marine wildlife mural artist Robert Wyland will be hosting a free mural painting demonstration and  NatureSketch event outside Steamship Terminal's Inner Harbour on Friday, June 8th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm in partnership with the Robert Bateman Centre to support World Oceans Day and a plastic free sea.


Learn how to draw an orca along with Wyland as he demonstrates his techniques on a giant canvas for the crowd.  The public has the opportunity to 'Pledge the Painting’ on the Vancouver Aquarium OceanWise “Plastic Wise Pledge” to learn how to save our oceans and marine life from the hazards of plastic debris by becoming plastic free. The original Wyland mural will be auctioned off to the highest bidder in a online auction with proceeds to support the Robert Bateman Foundation and its Nature Sketch program.

Wyland will join the public at the Robert Bateman Centre dockside at 5:30 pm for a live painting demonstration to share his passion of promoting, protecting and preserving the world’s oceans, waterways, and marine life for future generations.


The Wyland Foundation encourages environmental awareness through education programs, public arts projects, and community events such as the World Oceans Day and the “Plastics Wise Pledge” being held in conjuntion with the Robert Bateman Centre. Wyland is best known in Victoria for his 130 ft. long x 7 story high Whaling Wall titled “A-5 Pod” on Wharf  Street, created in memory of Robin Morton.


VIP speakers and partners for this World Oceans Day celebration will include: Songhees Nation Leaders, ocean plastics expert Professor Calvin Sandborn, The Surfrider Foundation, Eagle Wing Whale Watching, V2V and the Vancouver Aquarium.  All Nature Sketch materials will be included during this free family friendly event.


The Bateman Foundation, a national public charity, inspires a lasting relationship with nature through the lens of art, and is currently one of the only non-profits in Canada primarily using artwork to promote a connection to nature and the environment. We create programs and exhibits to inspire a generation of people to have a reverence for nature. By noticing nature’s beauty and importance, we encourage action to ensure the natural world is protected through our three core areas: youth initiatives, eco-literacy, and leadership & mentorship.


For more information about this event, other programs and memberships at the Robert Bateman Centre, visit www.batemancentre.org


Media Contact:

Leanne Cadden

e: Marketing@batemancentre.org

t: 250-306-5237


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XL Catlin Global Day of Giving - Keep Bermuda Beautiful beach cleanup project - Southlands Beach

During XL Catlin's Global Day of Giving there will be a team of 25+ employees who will participate in the Keep Bermuda Beautiful project to clean up Southlands Beach.  The full-day activity will focus on raising awareness of the ocean plastic pollution problem, taking action to do a beach cleanup of Southlands Beach and the surrounding area, and making personal pledges to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Y-40® Plastic Dive
Y-40® The Deep Joy
Y-40® Plastic Dive

For the 4th Anniversary of Y-40® The Deep Joy and for the World Environment Day, the world's deepest pool proposes Y-40® PLASTIC DIVE, a diving week in the sea of the 3rd millennium, where living the feelings of the actual sealife during the dives.

PLASTIC DIVE: from Tuesday 05th until Saturday 09th June 2018,
for the World Environment Day and for the 4th Anniversary of Y-40® The Deep Joy.

ThePLASTIC DIVE installation is made by the floating of 40.000 plastic water bottles and other plastic items in the surface of the world's deepest pool.
It's a provocatory simulation of the actual situation of many seas all around the world.

The dives in it will be sensorial experiences. Every diver could understand and feel through the sight and the touch, the life of many cetaceans, mammals, fishes and all the living beings that live in our seas, discovering what's their sad actual condition.

The exhibition will be open for free and visitable for everyone walking in the transparent tunnel at -5 metres depth inside the pool.

Y-40® calendar events:
- 01 > 03 june Participation at Challenge Venice
- 05 june Free dives for the schools
- 10 june Participation at Mare Nordest

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Year of the Reef
Maritime Museum & Aquarium Address
Year of the Reef

Help the staff and researchers at the Maritime Museum & Aquarium to reproduce tropical corals and learn more about coral reefs and how we can protect them. 

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Yoga, Surf, Music!
The Pass, Byron Bay / Heart Space Warehouse, Byron Bay
Yoga, Surf, Music!

Surf, Yoga, Music- There is no better combination!

Come help celebrate our much beloved ocean here in Byron Bay.

Starting the day with a sunrise Yoga down at The Pass.

Collaborating with Fluro Fridays we are dressing up in our brightest attire to raise awareness of mental health and paddling out for a fun surf/ swim or snorkel. Afterwards come grab a bag and join us for a beach clean up and take some fun shots to create a human formation of a marine creature.

Finishing the day at Heart Space Warehouse where we will have 2 musicians playing, along with a few artist showcasing their art. A night to celebrate our ocean and support our local talented artist who purely focus on the ocean. $10 entry and all funds kindly go forwards Positive Change for Marine Life. 

Hope to see you there :)

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Your Ocean Your Future
Centre of Fine Arts
Your Ocean Your Future

EurOcean pays tribute to the legacy of its founder Prof. Mário Ruivo with an event in Brussels on 6 June 2018.

Prof. Mário Ruivo made many key contributions to marine science and policy in Europe. Find out who he was from the people who knew him best and discover what he did for the Ocean. He had a vision for a world where the Ocean was of central importance. Learn more about it and how we are achieving his dream.

Join this commemorative event at the Centre of Fine Arts in the centre of Brussels on 6 June 2018. It will comprise two segments:

  • conference with key presentations and talks about Prof. Mário Ruivo and his legacy. This session will be twofold. First, we will look back and present a retrospective on the life and work of this extraordinary man. In a second part the goal is to inspire everyone to continue where he stopped.  
  • An exhibition including the best photos from the I Live by the Sea competition, the highlights from EurOcean's International Children´s Art Contest, photographs from Prof. Mário Ruivo inaugural 1957 bathyscaphe submarine exploration off the coast of Portugal, and more.    

The event's theme will be Ocean Literacy in a broad sense. It will acknowledge Prof. Mário Ruivo's contribution to our knowledge of the Ocean and approaches to improving its management. Mário was instrumental in ensuring that Lisbon hosted Expo 1998 – the central theme of which was The Oceans: A Heritage for the Future. Now twenty years later, we offer an occasion to reflect:

  • How successful have we been in understanding Prof. Mário Ruivo's heritage?
  • What new challenges is the ocean now facing?
  • How and for what are we managing the Ocean?

Among the confirmed contributors for the morning session we have:

  • Maria Eduarda Gonçalves - Prof. Mário Ruivo' partner (Portugal)
  • Lennart de Nooijer - NIOZ-NICO Expedition (The Netherlands)
  • Cyrill Gutsch - Parley for the Oceans/Addidas (Germany)
  • Telmo Carvalho - IPMA (Portugal 
  • Isabella Zielinski - IOPAN (Poland)
  • Kelle Moreau - RBINS (Belgium)
  • Tymon  Zielinski - IOPAN (Poland)
  • Ricardo Serrão Santos - European Parliament (Portugal)
  • Iouri Oliounine - UN-IOC (Russia)
  • Ann Dom – Seas At Risk (Belgium)
  • Lorenzo Minetti – Quagga (Italy)
  • Álvaro Garrido - University of Coimbra (Portugal)
  • Awni Benham - IOI (Malta)

Prof. Mário Ruivo was a man of action. Come and see, touch, feel and experience marine science through interactive sessions and hands-on demonstrations. Already we have confirmed the participation of Lisbon's Instituto Superior Técnico, who will display one of their underwater autonomous vehicles and speak of its capabilities. We will also have the opportunity to learn about several activities currently undergoing within the Portuguese General Directorate for Maritime Policy ocean literacy programme including the fascinating voyages of their tiny little vessels that are drifting around the Ocean to spread very important messages.

This and many other experiences will surely serve to encourage any kids - and grown ups - to take part in what Prof. Mário Ruivo dedicated most of his life: the protection of our Ocean.  

The event is being organised with different aspects to appeal to different audiencesincluding policy makers, representatives of ocean research organisations, NGOs and general public including young people.

The event will run for a full day, from 9:00 to 18:00.

Free registration is open here.

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Youth for Ocean - Beach Cleanup Negombo

We expect to held a beach cleanup with a petition of all participants. It will be a "Youth Pledge wall"  made of cloth to state their committment on prevention of plastics and polythene dumping on ocean and marine environment protection. We also expect to conduct 1 week of online promotion prior to the event. The cleaning event focuses on a beach cleaning activity  1 km stretch where they expect 1000 people to participate. Two groups will come from a stretch of 500 meters either side of the Beach park in negombo and join at the Negombo beach park for the celebration of the Ocean Day 2018. There will be a project launching too. 

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Youth Rally for for Plastic Free Waters & NYC Foam Ban!

To celebrate World Oceans Day (June 8, 2018), over 400 students from schools across NYC will gather at New York City Hall for a Youth Rally to bring attention to the global crisis of marine plastic pollution and to urge NYC Council Members to take immediate local action by voting “yes" to ban plastic foam in NYC!

Toxic and polluting plastic polystyrene foam (commonly called "styrofoam") is a threat to our local waterways, oceans, wildlife, seafood, and humans. NYC Council recently introduced a new bill to ban plastic foam citywide  Intro 0135-2018).  In 2013, NYC Council voted “yes’ to ban polystyrene foam citywide, but the city has been sued twice by industry-backed support, keeping this original bill from being enacted.

NYC eliminated plastic foam lunch trays from all 1800 public schools in 2015 due to both health and environmental concerns. Students from across the city played a critical role in advocating for this change of policy!

Last month, Baltimore City enacted a citywide foam ban after 200 students rallied at City Hall, making their voices heard. WTG Baltimore students!

It’s time for NYC to join over 100 other US municipalities and ban plastic foam. Join other concerned students to protect our oceans by keeping them free of plastic pollution.
Will you and your students be joining us at City Hall on Wednesday, May 30th?

Please RSVP here:



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Zero Plastic Iftar
Newton International School D ring, Doha, Qatar
Zero Plastic Iftar

CNN zero plastic lunch with a Ramadan twist. Newton International School, D ring, are holding a zero plastic iftar for Year 5 children. They will be returning to school at 6:30pm to break their fast with zero plastic. Each child is bringing to school their food using zero single use plastic. They will need to be able to discuss what plastic they’ve left out that they would have normally used. During the Iftar, we will launch the ‘A Tale Unfolds’ Plastic project which the children have written and filmed over the past few weeks using Tim Nunn’s Plastic Project and CNN’s Midway Atoll documentary. All to raise awareness about the damage Plastic is causing to our ocean and what we need to do prevent this and make a change.

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Zero Waste Shopping Workshop @Good Earth Natural Foods

Did you know that approximately 40% of food produced in the US goes to waste from our farms, grocery stores, restaurants and our homes? The majority of that waste comes from our very own kitchens and 90% of all this food waste and scraps end up in landfill as opposed to turning this valuable resource into nutrient-rich soil by composting it.


Not only that but 67% of street litter in the Bay Area comes from single-use disposable food packaging. As consumers, we have the power to buy healthy food that is package free with simple products that minimize our contribution to the waste stream. 


Join us in this Waste-Free Shopping Tour at Good Earth Natural Foods, one of the pioneers in bringing organic food to the people! You can look at this little movie about how it all started.


Attendees will learn from Ambatalia founder, Molly de Vries, the principles of a non-disposable life. These include how to simplify, organize, and manage the way we shop for food; Why it's important to buy organic- non- GMO, how to store it; and how to decide what to compost, recycle, or send to landfill.


Molly shows us the positive influence minimizing food and packaging waste has not only on our personal health and pocketbooks, but to our soil, waterways, and those who produce our food. Buy shopping locally, seasonally and in bulk, we increase food security, support food justice, and lessen the impact on our oceans and climate change for a sustainable future. 


Good Earth Natural Foods was founded in 1969 in Fairfax California with the dream of offering the very best quality and most organic food that they could find. Never content to simply accept the status quo, they have always pushed the envelope and tried to encourage food growers and manufacturers to produce food of higher quality

This event is free but space is limited to the first (6/8) people who register here: 

*Attendees will receive a follow-up confirmation with a list of items to prepare in advance. Carpooling is encouraged so let us know where you're located and if you're offering or need a ride so we can help facilitate that. 


Follow us on Instagram @nondisposablelife

Web site


Where does the group meet at 10:00 A.M.

Please meet at The Good Earth Natural Foods Customer service desk. If you are running late, please find our group gathered at a table either outside or in and then walking the store.

What can I bring to the event?

Please bring a few cloth market and produce/ bulk bags if you have them, Thank you.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Feel free to email or call/ text me with any questions.

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Zoovie Night: Moana
Oakland Zoo - Lower Entrance
Zoovie Night: Moana


This month's showing - Moana!

In honor of World Oceans Day, put on your jammies and enjoy an evening of animal close-ups and Zoovie movie with the whole family. Bring your pillows, blankets, and chairs and snuggle up in our auditorium as Roosevelt, our costumed alligator mascot, introduces you to some of our Education animals. Hot chocolate and popcorn will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own treats and traditional family movie fare. 

Click here to learn more about Zoovie Nights and upcoming shows!



What should we bring? 

Guests are invited to come in their pajamas as well as bring their blankets and pillows to be comfortable (our auditorium floor is concrete). Chairs are welcome too, but we will have sections reserved along the sides of the auditorium so that those guests who do not have chairs can still see.

Will there be food?

We will provide popcorn, hot chocolate, and lemonade or juice. Guests are also welcome to bring their own treats.

Will there be animals?

Before the movie, you and your family will be introduced to some of our education animals.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

No ID is required, but children must be at least 4 years old. If your child is younger than 4 please contact us before registering or purchasing tickets.

Can I drop off the kids?

No. This event is deisgned for families to participate together. Children must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

Does this include zoo admission?

No. This event happens in our Auditorium located at the Education center after the zoo has closed.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Parking will be available outside the auditorium. There will be no parking fee since the program occurs after normal zoo hours. 

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please call (510) 632-9525 x220 or email the Reservations Associate for any questions.

What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds for cancellations. If you cannot attend, you are welcome to give your tickets to a friend as long as they mention your name as the registering adult.

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Three Places Protect the Ocean Together. The event starts from June 1st to 10th. Organizations or business in different places can sign up to join the clean up during the 10 days. These events all belong to “Three Place Protect the Ocean Together” Program

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Tang Shan Dong Lu

Three Places Protect the Ocean Together. The event starts from June 1st to 10th. Organizations or business in different places can sign up to join the clean up during the 10 days. These events all belong to “Three Place Protect the Ocean Together” Program

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(Three Places Protect the Ocean Together. The event starts from June 1st to 10th. Organizations or business in different places can sign up to join the clean up during the 10 days. These events all belong to “Three Place Protect the Ocean Together” Program)

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(Three Places Protect the Ocean Together. The event starts from June 1st to 10th. Organizations or business in different places can sign up to join the clean up during the 10 days. These events all belong to “Three Place Protect the Ocean Together” Program)

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Three Places Protect the Ocean Together. The event starts from June 1st to 10th. Organizations or business in different places can sign up to join the clean up during the 10 days. These events all belong to “Three Place Protect the Ocean Together” Program

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