World Oceans Day is 8 June

Art Exhibits and Contests

Photo Credit: National Oceanography
Directorate, Ministry of Science,
Technology and Innovation- Malaysia


Hold a writing, poetry, or even video contest featuring stories about the ocean. Pick the winners on World Oceans Day and hold a ceremony where the winners can share their works with a crowd. You could also create a virtual contest using social media and asking your followers to pick their favorite. Also be sure to check out the World Oceans Day photo contest with the United Nations. 

Photo Credit: Our World Is Blue


Host a photo and art exhibit featuring ocean-themed works by local professional artists as well as works by non-professionals expressing their connection to the ocean and their concern about ocean issues. Visit a Washed Ashore exhibit near you that creates unique art displays out of plastic pollution to educate the public about the problem of marine debris. 

Photo Credit: 1% To Conserve Galveston Island


Looking for more audience participation? Sponsor a “paint-off” and invite young and old alike to paint ocean-themed pictures in front of an audience. The event can have music and snacks and the best works (selected by the audience) can be showcased at your organization or a local zoo, aquarium, museum, library, or other public place. Be sure to use eco-friendly paint! Alternatively, create artwork from other materials, even trash!

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