June 8th, 2018

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Oceans of Wisdom: art installation and performance

‘Oceans of Wisdom’: World Oceans Day, June 8th

 As islanders, this is day is especially relevant for us. To honour it, we are having an art installation and two performances at the Community Hall.

This years theme of plastic pollution is particularly important to us, as we live in a ecologically and biologically sensitive area that is home to a huge herring spawn each year--the feeding heart of our rich and diverse ecosystem. At the same time our waters are home to intense shellfish farming.

While practical solutions are being sought in all levels of government, as well as in our homes, at the recycling center, with plastic-free initiatives and beach clean ups, we are also inspired to ask for guidance from the great Ocean spirit. The crisis of plastic pollution in our oceans is soul-sized, so we listen to the waters of the world for the way through. Over the ages, spirits of the Ocean have manifested in various forms.

We are calling our guiding spirit, depicted in our logo--Stella Mer—Star of the Sea. Together with her, we can increase our ‘Ocean-ness’.

Please join us for dance, music, song, poetry and video/ image projection, including slides of shore sculptures created by our school kids and a community prayer-flag installation. Meet our central character, Plastique who has so loved the ocean that she has filled it and must now withdraw. There are two shows, at 1:00pm and 7:00 pm, with art viewing hours in between.

There are a few rogue wave surprises in store as well!


Admission is by donation, with all proceeds going to ADIMS (Association of Denman Island Marine Stewards) and all are welcome. All of the artwork on display will be for sale.

If you need further information or have any questions please call:

Sussan Thomson 250 335 1134 or Wendy Pope 250 335 0964








- Plastic Pollution Events
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Organization Name
a fundraiser for Association of Denman Island Marine Stewards (ADIMS)
Organization Type
Conservation Organization
Member of Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP)
Participant in AZA's SAFE Campaign


As part of our celebration, we plan to do the following:
  • Event is open to the public
  • Media would be welcome
  • Event will include some special activities or engagements for youth and/or young adults
    Under 12
    Children will make sculptures at the shorelines of found objects/ stones/ driftwood. Photos of these will be included in the show. Children will attend the matinee performance
  • Event will be highlighting organization's own efforts to reduce use of plastic


Denman Island Community Hall
1196 NW Road
Denman Island, BC V0R 1T0 Canada
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