June 8th, 2018

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SFPA World Oceans Day

To celebrate World Oceans Day, the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority in association with The Park Cinema are delighted to invite you to The Park Cinema, Clonakilty on the 8th June 2018 to a screening of Ireland's Deep Atlantic a nature documentary.
Sea-Fisheries Protection Officers will be present to help you learn.
Ireland’s Deep Atlantic sees underwater cameraman Ken O’Sullivan embark on a series of voyages out into the open North Atlantic in search of large whales, sharks and cold water coral reefs 3,000 down on Ireland’s deep sea bed. 
The screening will be shown throughout the day at different intervals. Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

9.30am – 9.40am Presentation by SFPO 
9.40am – 10.40am Screening of Ireland's Deep Atlantic
10.40am – 11am Questions & Answers with SFPO
11.30am – 11.40am Presentation by SFPO
11.40am – 12.40pm Screening of Ireland's Deep Atlantic
12.40pm – 1pm Q & As with SFPO
1.30pm – 1.40pm Presentation by SFPO
1.40pm – 2.40pm Screening of Ireland's Deep Atlantic
2.40pm – 3pm Q & As with SFPO
3.30pm – 3.40pm Presentation by SFPO
3.40pm – 4.40pm Screening of Ireland's Deep Atlantic
4.40pm – 5pm Q & As with SFPO





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Sea Fisheries Protection Authority
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Conservation Organization
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The Park Cinema Clonakilty
2-8 Park Road, Cork
Clonakilty, County Cork Ireland
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