June 8th, 2018

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"Knowing Marine Mammals, Protecting Marine Mammals"

Public Lectures

Public lectures about the ocean by a prominent environmental leaders, educators and  scientists. Focusing the lecture topics around this year’s World Oceans Day theme, ocean health. Particularly on a specific local issue of interest: how to protect Marine Mammals.

Marine Mammals will be described, shape and function of their skeleton adapted in acquatic habitat.The eight Mediterranean regular species of cetaceans will be introduced, some of which considered endangered.

In order to protect these animals, researchers use different methods to study and monitor them in their natural habitat, such as visual sightings. Further, marine Citizen Science projects will be shown as potential tools to implement and improve conservation plans for the oceans. Different topics will be discussed. Whales and dolphins, ocean productivity and climate changes: How they are connected? Can cetaceans save the planet? A journey to the discovery of the ecological role of cetaceans: why is it important to protect them and what are they threatened? 



Organization Name
University of Palermo
Organization Type
Academic Institution - College or University
Member of Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP)
Participant in AZA's SAFE Campaign


As part of our celebration, we plan to do the following:
  • Event is open to the public
  • Media would be welcome
  • Event will include some special activities or engagements for youth and/or young adults
    Under 12,College/University Age
    Lectures for University youngs.
    Games for kids.
  • The event will touch on the following themes:
    Ocean & climate,Marine biodiversity,Ocean science
  • Event will be highlighting organization's own efforts to reduce use of plastic


Via Archirafi, 16
16 Via Archirafi, Palermo, Provincia di Palermo
Palermo, Sicilia 90123 Italy