June 8th, 2018

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World Oceans Week at the Explorers Club

In concert with the UN Ocean Conference & World Oceans Day, The Explorers Club is proud to present World Oceans Week, five days of extraordinary ocean related programs.

Under the orienting force of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14 - conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development - World Oceans Week will bring together experts from multiple disciplines, along with authoritative oceanic institutions to imagine a better future for the oceans and the world that relies on it. 

Given the unique heritage of our Membership and our record of ocean conservation, it is only natural that The Explorers Club should serve as a gathering place for such an endeavor. 

With diplomats, celebrities, scientists, and friends all sorting their schedules, there are elements of the program still in flux, but we wanted to share some highlights of the week for you below. More information on the week will be forthcoming in the following days. 

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TBA21-Academy x Explorers Club, A Contemporary Exploration - 
Monday 2-6p, Tuesday 2-4p
Organized by TBA21–Academy, and unfolding in four thematic sessions on June 5 and 6, “A Contemporary Exploration” reveals how alliances across disciplines and knowledge sharing can generate solutions in conserving and sustainably using the oceans. Featuring Mark Dion, D Graham Burnett, Margaret Leinen, Dave Gruber, Joan Jonas, Francesca von Habsburg, Walter Munk, Markus Reymann, and more. All sessions are free and open to the public, no sign-up required.
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Paul Nicklen & Cristina Mittermeier - Monday, 6-9p
Reception and presentation with award-winning conservation photographers and co-founders of SeaLegacy

"Sea of Hope: America's Underwater Treasure" Screening - Tuesday, 6-9p
Academy Award nominated director Robert Nixon’s stunning documentary follows iconic ocean explorer and conservationist Dr Sylvia Earle, renowned National Geographic underwater photographer Brian Skerry, author and activist Max Kennedy and their crew of teenage aquanauts on a yearlong environmental quest to use science and photography to inspire President Obama to establish Blue Parks across an unseen American wilderness. Breathtaking underwater cinematography captures remarkable encounters with dolphins, whale sharks and what may be a new species of coral. The expedition culminates with a presidential encounter on Midway Atoll following Obama’s expansion of Papahanaumokuakea, making it the largest protected area on earth. 

The Ocean Elders - Wednesday, 6-8p
An intimate evening with legends of ocean conservation - Sylvia Earle, Walter Munk, Cathy Novelli, and Nainoa Thompson

UNESCO Reception - Thursday, 6-9p
A celebration with children and families from over 30 UNESCO marine world heritage sites, UNESCO leadership, and with support from the Government of Flanders, after their call to action at the UN World Oceans Day plenary session

Free Daily Breakfast Panels - Mon-Fri, 9-10a
Featuring a new topic each morning, these panels feature leaders on the most pressing ocean issues. They are free of charge and open to public walk-ins, no sign-up required:
   •  Art & Communication - Monday
   •  Protected Areas - Tuesday
   •  Corals - Wednesday
   •  Robotics - Thursday
   •  Plastics & Marine Debris - Friday



Organization Name
Explorers Club Inc.
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Other Exploration Club
Member of Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP)
Participant in AZA's SAFE Campaign


As part of our celebration, we plan to do the following:
  • Event is open to the public
  • Media would be welcome
  • Event will include some special activities or engagements for youth and/or young adults
  • The event will touch on the following themes:
  • Event will be highlighting organization's own efforts to reduce use of plastic


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