World Oceans Day is 8 June 

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Proiezione del Film/ Documentario "A Plastic Ocean" A Plastic Ocean documentary reveals the consequences plastic pollution is having on our oceans. It shows an international team of adventurers, researchers and ocean ambassadors on a mission around the globe to uncover the shocking truth about what is lurking beneath the surface of our seemingly pristine oceans and the impacts we are having on marine life.
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Music Dance Party "Save the Ocean " World Oceans Day 
Work In Progress e cena Vegan 

Dance and Music Opening Ore 21 
" Ingresso con Consumazione Obbligatoria
" All Night Dance for the Ocean 
l'8 giugno Giornata Mondiale degli Oceani è un giorno di festa Globale dell' Oceano in collaborazione per un futuro migliore. Questo evento e di sostegno per la Giornata Mondiale degli Oceani, - non importa dove si vive - per contribuire a espandere la portata e l'impatto della Giornata Mondiale degli Oceani l'8 giugno e per tutto l'anno. 

Dopo anni di ricerche, viaggi e riprese, è uscito nelle sale cinematografiche del mondo il film documentario sulla plastica che inquina gli oceani "A Plastic Ocean", prodotto dalla rete internazionale di fondazioni “Plastic Oceans”: nel lavoro, che racconta gli studi scientifici sull’inquinamento degli oceani portati avanti da ricercatori dei cinque continenti, una parte è dedicata al progetto “Plastc Busters” dell’Università di Siena.
, dedicato allo studio e alla lotta all’inquinamento da microplastiche nel mar Mediterraneo.
”. Proprio durante il campionamento sulle balene, la troupe di “Plastic Oceans”, insieme alla pluri campionessa mondiale di apnea Tanya Streeter ha girato splendide immagini nei mari della Sardegna, in quel “santuario” dei cetacei che è una delle zone a più alta protezione del Mediterraneo, purtroppo in pericolo perché pesantemente minacciato, oltre che dagli altri inquinanti, da ingenti quantità di plastica.
La troupe di giornalisti che ha realizzato il documentario proviene in larga parte dalle BBC ed è capitanata da Jo Ruxton, specializzata nei documentari naturalistici e nelle riprese sottomarine, produttrice anche di “The Blue Planet”. 
La rete non profit “Plastic Oceans”, sostenuta a livello globale da numerose organizzazioni ambientaliste, tra cui il WWF, Greenpeace, Blue Ocean, Sea Shepherd e molte altre, sta realizzando una imponente campagna di comunicazione per documentare la “catastrofe globale dell’inquinamento provocato dalla plastica”, distribuendo il film nel mondo e accompagnandolo con azioni di divulgazione ed educazione.
Tutte le informazioni sulla campagna, e il trailer del film, sono sul sito web http://www.plasticoceans.org . 

Prima della Proiezione Del Film e" Prevista una ""
Cena Vegan Con Prenotazione Obbligatoria e dopo la Proiezione 

Music Dance Party "Save the Ocean " World Oceans Day 
Dance and Music Opening Ore 21 
" Ingresso con Consumazione Obbligatoria
" All Night Dance for the Ocean 
Link Evento https://www.facebook.com/events/1833867456863156/
Presso " Seven Point al Sodo di Cortona 
l'8 giugno Giornata Mondiale degli Oceani è un giorno di festa Globale dell' Oceano in collaborazione per un futuro migliore. Questo evento e di sostegno per la Giornata Mondiale degli Oceani, - non importa dove si vive - per contribuire a espandere la portata e l'impatto della Giornata Mondiale degli Oceani l'8 giugno e per tutto l'anno. 
A Plastic Ocean documentary reveals the consequences plastic pollution is having on our oceans. It shows an international team of adventurers, researchers and ocean ambassadors on a mission around the globe to uncover the shocking truth about what is lurking beneath the surface of our seemingly pristine oceans and the impacts we are having on marine life.

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"A Plastic Ocean" Documentary Screening: Sea Shepherd Toronto

Join Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Toronto Chapter) for the Toronto Premiere of 'A Plastic Ocean' on World Oceans Day. 

This high-end documentary feature film was made by the Plastic Oceans Foundation, a global network of independent not-for-profit and charitable organisations united in their aims to change the way we deal with plastic waste by challenging society's perception that this indestructible substance can be treated as 'disposable'. They seek to change the world's attitude to plastic within one generation.

Filmed in 20 locations around the world, "A Plastic Ocean" provides a global perspective on the issue of plastic waste in our oceans and examines the extent of the problem. Most importantly, the documentary shows us the ways that we can turn it around not just through knowledge and behavioural changes but with amazing new technology. It has the potential to benefit our health and that of our children, our environment and our seas.

Sea Shepherd merchandise will be available for purchase throughout the evening. 

Purchase your tickets today!


6:00: Doors open
6:45 - 8:30: "A Plastic Ocean" Screening (104 mins)
8:30 - 9:00: Q&A with guest speaker Chelsea Rochman, Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of Toronto. 

One of Professor Rochman's research objectives is "to determine and quantify the sources and sinks of plastic debris in freshwater and marine habitats. Current and ongoing projects include measuring the sources and sinks of microplastic into urban watersheds across North America, examining plastic as a source of chemicals to aquatic habitats and quantifying plastic and associated chemical contaminants in wildlife (e.g., birds and fish), including fish and shellfish sold directly for human consumption."

For more information on Professor Rochman's work:


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"JEEDARA" - the Film - USA Premier
Harmony Gold Cinema, 7655 W. Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States
"JEEDARA" - the Film - USA Premier

Join us this World Oceans Day for the exclusive USA Premiere screening of "Jeedara the Film" documenting our fight to keep oil giants out of the Great Australian Bight.


In 2010 BP was responsible for the worlds largest oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico. Over several months, the rig spewed nearly 5 million barrels of oil into the ocean, killing millions of animals and destroying the surrounding environment.

Less than a year later, the Australian Government signed papers allowing BP to come to Australia and drill in deeper and rougher seas.

In 2016 The Great Australian Bight Alliance announced the launch of 'Operation Jeedara' - a campaign that would see the 'Steve Irwin' sail into the heart of the Great Australian Bight to document the beauty of the region in order to showcase what we would all stand to lose if we let BP drill there.

This film is the story of the campaign, that showcases one of the last big marine wilderness areas on Earth, Nature on a grand scale, and one of the big environmental wins of 2016.

Guaranteed to be a visual feast, see trailer here -> jeedarathefilm.org

Featuring Special Guest Speakers:

- Captain Wyanda Lublink - Captain M/Y Steve Irwin

- Jeff Hansen, Managing Director of Sea Shepherd Australia / Operation Jeedara Campaign Leader.

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"Nothin´ But Sand"
Playa San Pedro
"Nothin´ But Sand"

If you want to help protect the ocean you love from pollution, come with us to the beach cleaning day!!!

Saturday June 10, 2017

9:00 am to 1:00 p.m

Activities: Beach cleaning, collaborative team work, recreational activities and competitive games.

We hope everyone could join us in this global effort in defense of the ocean.


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"Sirenetta & the Second Star" World Premiere

Celebrate the sea with the world premiere of "Sirenetta & the Second Star" on Amazon Video! Join Nettie Pearlman, the part-time mermaid princess, as she dives into an ocean of adventure. From Sea Monsters to Grecian Sea Nymphs to Caribbean Pirates, you'll experience all kinds of marine mythology with Nettie and her mermaid friends.

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Celebrate the ocean and all it provides during a daylong "responsibly sourced seafood" and craft beer extravaganza at Chef Ryan Martin's 180º @ the DRB paired with the finest craft beers from M.I.A. Beer Company to benefit the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, on June 8th from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm at 180º @ the DRB located at 501 N.E. 1st Avenue, Miami, FL  33132.

"We are expanding our “Taste of the Sea” annual fundraiser to include smaller and more intimate events to create awareness about seafood sustainability and the health of the oceans. This year we join a global celebration of our oceans by bringing to Miami “Taste of the Sea” to support World Oceans Day on June 8th. This daylong "responsibly sourced seafood" and craft beer showcase is dedicated to celebrating ocean ecosystems, as well as sharing information about land-to-sea connections and the role people play in assuring the health of the world's ocean for future generations,” shares Adriana Sanchez, President of the Sea Delight Ocean Fund.

"We are excited to collaborate again with Ryan Martin of 180º @ the DRB and welcome a new collaboration with Eddie Leon of M.I.A. Beer Company, who are generously donating 50% of the proceeds to the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, to continue our strong efforts for sustainable seafood and ocean conservation," boasts Sanchez.

"I'm always thrilled to support the Sea delight Ocean Fund and to host their Taste of the Sea fundraising event in honor of World Oceans Day," says Chef Martin. "It's a great opportunity to support our seas and add my global flavor profiles to create mouth-watering seafood dishes that pair deliciously with M.I.A. craft beers," shares Martin.

At the Taste of the Sea celebration, attendees will savor a variety of the finest in "responsibly sourced seafood" paired with craft beers selected to blend with the flavors and essence of each fish dish. These special tasty pairings include:

  • Spicy Tuna Poke - $14.00

Yellowfin Tuna - diced raw tuna - green inion - sesame seeds - soy sauce - ozeki sake - sriracha - miso - mango avocado salsa paired with:

M.I.A. Big In Japan Sake Beer (10% ABV)   $8 full pour

  • Octopus Ceviche - $16.00   

Octopus - red onion- cucumber - jalapeno - cilantro - lime juice - yuzu koshu - yuzu juice - yuzo tobiko paired with:

M.I.A  Yachtzee Saison (5.5% ABV)   $6 full pour

  • Fried Snapper Sandwich -  $16.00

Crispy Fried Snapper - jicama apple slaw, jalapeno - horseradish garlic aioli paired with:

M.I.A. Neon White IPA (7.5% ABV)  $7 full pour

  • Steelhead Trout  - $18.00

Trout sous vide at 117º in an Asian marinade comprised of sesame oil, sake, brown sugar, and soy paired with: 

M.I,A,. Amberghini Amber Ale (5.5%)  $6 full pour

"There is nothing better than paring a crisp cold craft beer with a delicious gourmet seafood dish to raise funds for the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, while celebrating World Oceans Day, said Eddie Leon, Co-Owner of M.I.A. Beer Company.

Taste of the Sea hosts many fundraising and educational events throughout the year and has just started a #loveforlocals campaign to take these events on the road to local chefs and restaurants showcasing delicious responsibly sourced seafood and raise awareness for those chefs and restaurants who are looking to collaborate with the Sea Delight Ocean Fund.

About Sea Delight Ocean Fund:

The Sea Delight Ocean Fund, Inc. (501(c)(3) status pending) was founded in 2012 as an organization to administer the existing sustainability projects led by Sea Delight, LLC., and assist with the development and funding of current and new initiatives. The Sea Delight Ocean Fund’s focus is education, strategic planning, and management of international and multicultural teams and projects, as well as fostering partnerships with members of the seafood industry and other conservation groups to assist in the proper development and implementation of marine conservation efforts. www.sdoceanfund.org


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"Taste of the Sea" Celebrating World Ocean's Day

Join Chef Ryan Martin and Gastronomy Redefined team as they delight your palate with mouth-watering responsibly sourced seafood dishes by Sea Delight Global.

MIA Beer Company is pairing their line of fine craft beers that are the perfect companion to these delectable seafood dishes while raising awareness for our world's oceans.

In honor of World Ocean Day, 50% of the sales of these responsibly sourced seafood dishes and premium craft beers will benefit the Sea Delight Ocean Fund, a Miami-based 501(c)(3) non- profit organization. 

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"Un Océano de Jazz. Joshua Edelman & Steve Turre en concierto".

 El pianista y compositor nepyorquino afincado en Bilbao propone desde su espacio Jazz Cultural Theatre of Bilbao en colaboración con Agua Sin Plásticos & Salud del Planeta y Nakusarbe, asociación para la divulgación de la ciencia y la cultura, un viaje musical a través de los fondos marinos de Euskadi y de otros lugares del planeta con el objetivo de sensibilizar a los públicos sobre la necesidad de cuidar y respetar  los ecosistemas marinos por nuestro presente y por el futuro de las generaciones venideras. Se trata de un espectáculo multidisciplinar y multicultural que tiene como leitmotiv la idea de que la conservación de las tradiciones culturales y la conservación de la naturaleza, “son la misma causa”, dice el músico neoyorquino. Este es el motivo por el que, desde su productora Jazz Basque Country, ha tomado la iniciativa de producir un espectáculo dedicado a la salud de los mares y océanos, que ha titulado “Un océano de Jazz”.

Para esta ocasión Joshua Edelman contará con un invitado especial venido de Manhattan: Steve Turre, uno de los trombonistas más emblemáticos de los últimos cincuenta años de la historia del jazz, que, además, traerá consigo el sonido en directo de las caracolas del mar. Más de quince artistas de diferentes culturas y procedencias, dirigidos por Edelman, subirán al escenario en un espectáculo en el que convivirán el auténtico hardbop neoyorquino, el folklore vasco, la percusión afrocubana, y otras herencias musicales, con espectaculares audiovisuales de fondos marinos de diferentes lugares del planeta cedidas por la Asociación Nakusarbe tomadas por el biólogo marino Alberto Santolaria, ganador de varios galardones en diferentes ediciones de certámenes de cine submarino de Euskadi.

Ven a disfrutar de este concierto y participa con nosotros en la misón de mantener limpios los océanos de residuos plásticos. 

Las entradas se pueden adquirir en:


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“Beach and Marine Environment Protection Club” (BMEPC)

Sustainability for Ocean Protection

Hotels & Resorts situated on the Coastal belt of South India to form a club “Beach and Marine Environment Protection Club” (BMEPC) to commit to actions to “Protect the Ocean & Marine life” so it can continue to sustain us all into the future for developing strategies to act on long term solutions to the impact that Plastic, rubbish, and disposal of raw sewage has to be stopped and keep the beaches clean through continuous process, to educate the staffs on the dangers of Marine Pollution and Global Warming and climate change ,causing marked shifts in ocean environments and ecosystems.

The Aim of this club is to educate the citizen about the waste disposable should be carefully placed in the appropriate place so that it doesn’t end up fouling our oceans, rivers and lakes. We cannot take our marine environment for granted, nor treat it carelessly.

Hotels & Resorts situated on the Coastal belt of South India will form an agenda by partnering to reduce marine debris by constant routine beach & under water cleaning in association with agencies experts in underwater diving and Marine studies to have a close watch on keeping the Marine life safe from debris & pollution.

Planning to launch the Club on the 8th June 2017 on the World Oceans day.

There will be approximately 40 hotels coming in the belt but we will rope in backwater resorts also.

Being a hotelier in beach front of Kovalam, I felt like myself there are many fellow hoteliers who are there along the coastal belt. We all can start the mission and take up to entire Indian Coastal belt.

Looking forward for your support & co operation..

Thanks & regards

Raja Gopaal Iyer




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“Problue Loves Our Oceans” Marine Debris Beach Cleanup
Kenting Houbihu Beach 墾丁後壁湖海灘
“Problue Loves Our Oceans” Marine Debris Beach Cleanup

The Taiwanese diving equipment manufacturer Problue celebrates the World Oceans Day with the “Problue Loves Our Oceans” Marine Debris Beach Cleanup.

This event will take place in Taiwan Kenting Houbihu Beach (墾丁後壁湖海灘) on Saturday, June 3 afternoon.

Besides the beach cleanup,  an environmental education activity will be held to alert people to the increasing marine pollution problems and to raise awareness on the preservation of our oceans.

Registration and detailed information on our website and Facebook event page.

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10th Annual Laguna Hero Fest - World Oceans Day Celebration

The MY HERO Project is hosting a World Oceans Day Celebration at the 10th Annual Laguna Hero Fest on June 8, 2017, at [seven-degrees] 891 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach. The Fest honors individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the Laguna Beach community. This year’s family-friendly event will showcase art, music and inspiring short films featuring ocean heroes.

A youth afternoon program, from 3:30 - 5:00 pm will introduce children to inspiring short films, art and other ocean conservation-related activities. Ocean Warrior students from Top of the World Elementary School will also perform a skit as part of the afternoon program.

The family friendly evening program from 7:00 - 10:00 pm, will include music, art, short films and an award ceremony honoring artists, activists, and environmental heroes.

Laguna residents Greg and Barbara MacGillivray will be honored for their ongoing commitment to ocean conservation. Greg's Oscar-nominated documentaries The Living Sea (1995) and Dolphins (2000) have inspired millions of ocean activists. The MacGillivrays founded One World One Ocean to educate and inspire activism to protect the world’s oceans. They sponsor MY HERO’s annual Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award, named for research scientist and explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle. The award comes with a 500-dollar prize and goes to a filmmaker whose work highlights heroes working to protect the ocean, the 2017 winner will be announced at the event!

Laguna Beach Mayor Toni Iseman will receive the Community Hero Award for her work creating the Laguna Beach Weekend Trolley, which reduces traffic and helps keep the beach community clean. The free shuttle runs weekend days and evenings during the summer. Thousands of visitors can enjoy the city without bringing their cars.

The Laguna Beach Lifeguards will be honored at the event for keeping local beaches safe for swimmers, surfers and others who enjoy our ocean.

The Laguna Bluebelt Coalition will be honored for its efforts to protect and restore Laguna’s marine life environments. 

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center will share their new 360 Virtual Reality experience.

Massen Greene Foundation will be recognized for their impact in the community and commitment to environmental preservation and education.

The Laguna Hero Fest is free and open to the public with a suggested donation. Food and drinks will be available for purchase at [seven-degrees].

Sponsors include: [seven-degrees], Stu News, Kx93 FM, the lodging establishments and the City of Laguna Beach.



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12 Marathons across Europe on a SUP made of PLASTIC BOTTLES

Launching on WORLD OCEANS DAY 8th June 2017, Carlos and Carolyn will complete 12 Marathons across Europe on paddle boards made out of plastic bottles; and in every location they will teach the local community how to build a plastic bottle board... to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean and make SUP affordable for all. 

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3rd Blue Planet Symposium
conference center of NOAA’s Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
3rd Blue Planet Symposium

The 3rd Blue Planet Symposium will serve as a forum for discussion of societal information needs resulting from the important role the oceans play in Earth's life-support system and the challenge of minimizing the impacts of human activities on the oceans while utilizing the resources of the oceans to meet our needs. The symposium will also be a platform for the participating communities to exchange information on their activities and identify potential pilot and prototype projects for Blue Planet to focus on in the coming years. The Symposium will address four subthemes:

1. The changing oceans

Climate change involves major changes in the oceans, including changes in ocean circulation and dynamic sea surface topography, a changing role in the global climate system, sea level rise, and a potentially ice-free Arctic ocean. It is important to understand the current changes and their potential future developments and impacts on the Earth's life-support system from local to global scales.

2. Threats from pollution, warming and acidification

The health of marine ecosystems and their productivity are exposed to threats from pollution, the warming of the oceans, and an increasing acidification. The current and future impacts of these threats on the marine biosphere and beyond, including the impacts on human societies, need to be understood, monitored, and ways to limit the threats need to be developed.

3. Processes and life at the Interfaces with the oceans

The oceans are integrated in the global system of systems with many interdependencies between them and the land and the atmosphere. There are many potential cascading effects, leading from disturbances and changes in one system to large impacts on the other systems. Therefore, understanding the processes at the interfaces between oceans, land and atmosphere is crucial in order to take interdependencies into consideration and avoid as far as possible cascading effects.

4. Sustainable use of ocean resources

Human well-being depends on a wide range of ocean resources and there are numerous economic activities based on using the oceans in various ways. The changing oceans will impact humanity's use of the oceans and provide new opportunities that need careful consideration. We need to take into account the impacts of these activities on the oceans and develop approaches that meet our needs while safeguarding the functioning of the oceans in the Earth’s life-support system.

Anticipated Outcomes

The symposium is expected to result in tenable outcomes relevant to the providers and users of ocean and coastal observation information. Specifically, it is expected that:
â—¾Linkages with new communities and users will be developed.
â—¾Potential pilot and prototype projects for Blue Planet will be identified; and
â—¾Collaborations across groups and disciplines will be strengthened.

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4th Annual World Oceans Day Event
St. Francis Xavier University, Biology Dept., J. Bruce Brown Building
4th Annual World Oceans Day Event

The StFX Biology Dept. will be hosting their 4th Annual World Oceans Day event this coming June. The event will promote ocean awareness to younger generations and to the general public. There will be a lot to see and learn about different species of sea urchins, sea stars, brittle stars, sand dollars, sea anemones, hermit crabs, decorator crabs, whelks, blue lobsters, horseshoe crabs, whale bones, sharks jaws and much more. Displays will also include a sea weed station, a conservation station, a shark station, a dolphin communication station, piping plover conservation station, fossil station and a live plankton station. A hands-on fun experience for the whole family!


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A Plastic Ocean
Room 2.23, Park Building,
A Plastic Ocean

World Ocean Day is on the 8th of June. This year's theme is " Our Oceans, Our Future"

The aim is to encourage solutions to plastic pollution and prevent marine litter for a healthier ocean and a better future. So, under the Capturing Our Coast project, we've decided to show the film "A Plastic Ocean". A brilliant movie that uncovers alarming truths about plastics and shows real working solutions that can be put into effect. Come along to see this movie to understand more about what is going on in our oceans far and wide.

To find out more about Capturing Our Coast head to www.capturingourcoast.co.uk 

"PLASTIC OCEAN begins when journalist Craig Leeson, searching for the elusive blue whale, discovers plastic waste in what should be pristine ocean. In this adventure documentary, Craig teams up with free diver Tanya Streeter and an international team of scientists and researchers, and they travel to twenty locations around the world over the next four years to explore the fragile state of our oceans, uncover alarming truths about plastic pollution, and reveal working solutions that can be put into immediate effect"

This (free!) screening will be shown in Park Building (Room 2.23), King Henry 1 Street, Portsmouth,  PO1 2DZ

Seats in the lecture theatre are first come first serve. The movie will start at 7:00 but please arrive from 6:30 pm. The movie running time is 1 hr 42 mins. 


To find out more about Capturing Our Coast or to register as a volunteer,  head to www.capturingourcoast.co.uk

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ACROPORA Roatan Eco Trail 2017
Palmetto Bay Village
ACROPORA Roatan Eco Trail 2017

ACROPORA is an eco trail run to raise awareness on World Oceans Day in support of the Bay Islands Conservation Association (BICA), a not for profit environmental organization on the islands of Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. All funds raised will go directely to BICA Roatan Chapter conservation efforts in the Bay Islands National Marine Park and implementing its programs in the communities that surround the marine protected area.

Acropora is a coral that has over 149 species! Among them the well known elkhorn and staghorn corals☆
Acropora species are some of the major reef corals responsible for building the immense calcium carbonate substrate that supports the thin living skin of a reef. They grow quickly and many small reef fishes live near their colonies and retreat into the thicket of branches if threatened. In Roatan we have one of the largest populations of staghorn coral at Cordelia Banks, the Jewel of the Caribbean♡


Date: Saturday 10th of June, 2017

Distances: 2K, 6K, 10K

Start: 8am @ Mall Megaplaza, French Harbour, Roatan

End: 1pm @ Palmetto Bay Plantation Beach, Roatan

Entry fee:

Adults 500 LPS

U12 kids: 200 LPS


For more information please contact us at acropora17@gmail.com

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Aquarium of Boise Supports World Oceans Day

The Earth is our home and we are working to protect it from the mountains to the ocean.  Idaho is home to freshwater species, like steelhead salmon, that are born in the river and migrate to the sea, and then return home to spawn.  No matter where you live, we are all connected to the sea in some way or form.  Explore from stream to the sea with us at the Aquarium of Boise as we dive into protecting our planet and supporting our seas on World Oceans Day!

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Aquatic Park Stewards Beach Clean Up
Aquatic Park, San Francisco
Aquatic Park Stewards Beach Clean Up

Join Shark Stewrads and the San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay celebrating the ocean at our National Maritime Heritage Area at Aquatic Park helping keep the Bay clean and the ocean butt and plastic free.  Beach clean up starts at 0900 at the west end of the San Francisco Dolphin Club at 502 Jefferson St.



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Aros na Mara World Oceans Day Festival

Àros na Mara World Oceans Day Festival – June 8-11th, 2017 –

The Port of Iona and the Barra Strait, overlooking the beautiful Bras d’Or Lake, comes alive with festivities acknowledging World Oceans Day. Àros na Mara (Gaelic for House of the Sea) is a concept to develop a Marine Science Centre at the Barra Strait, for the purposes of research, education and tourism and is teaming up once again with Cape Breton University for their 3rd annual edutainment event. World Ocean Day will be clebrated on Sunday, June 11th from 12-4:30 at the Iona Port and Church Centre.  Join our family fun and ocean-themed festival and enjoy scientific and interactive displays, children’s games, and historical demonstrations.  Understanding the weather is an important topic of discussion for this year`s event.  There will also be guest speakers providing information on climate and weather as it relates to the Ocean and Lake. Festival goers can sample an abundance of locally crafted specialties while hearing some of Cape Breton’s finest talent – an event not to be missed. 

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Art Contest
NOAA Western Regional Center
Art Contest

The art contest aims to:

  • Encourage students to learn more about our oceans.

  • Raise awareness about issues affecting our oceans.

  • Help students understand how they can make a difference.


K-12 students from public, private, and home schools within the Puget Sound Educational Service District.

June 1, 2017

Our Oceans, Our Future

Paint, pencil, markers, ink, crayon, chalk or pastel, and collage. Students are encouraged to incorporate reused or recycled materials.

8”x10” - 18”x 24”

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Coordinated by