Green turtle

Green Sea Turtles are very similar to other turtles. They live throughout tropical and subtropical waters, have large paddle-like flippers, and migrate long distances to lay eggs. However, unlike other turtles, they have a greenish skin color, giving it its name. They are also herbivorous and favor sea grasses and algae for food.


Current Threats

According to IUCN, the green sea turtle is listed as an endangered species. Many countries have established laws protecting nesting areas and prohibiting the exploitation of these turtles. However, many still continue to be caught in fishing nets and harmed by habitat loss from beach development.

Make a promise for the green turtle

Check out the Sea Turtle Conservancy to see how you can get involved in sea turtle conservation. There is a list of events concerning sea turtle/coastal activities among other volunteer opportunities.

You can also help protect sea turtle habitat by reducing the amount of plastic garbage you produce and by reducing the amount of chemicals you use. Both of these can easily wash into the ocean and harm their habitat.

– Take reusable bags when you go shopping

– Return your plastic bags back to the grocery store

– Buy less corrosive detergents for your dishes and clothes

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