Photograph by Richard Eskite Photography, Workbook Stock/Getty Images
Photograph by Richard Eskite Photography, Workbook Stock/Getty Images

Here are some great resources to help you plan your sustainable seafood World Oceans Day event! Check out what others are doing and get ready to organize your own celebration.

Event spotlights:


  • Last year, the Vancouver Aquarium held a week-long celebration of the ocean which featured sustainable seafood cooking and BBQ demo by Chef Myke, and musical performances by Gogo Bonkers The Tropitronics. The Aquarium also continued the World Oceans Day tradition of “Wear Blue, Tell Two” by giving 10% admission to those who participated.

Sustainable Seafood—it’s a phrase that means very little to many people! The challenges we face in regards to fishing and fish farming are only becoming more important as our population grows and the climate crisis affects the oceans.

A great way you can help raise awareness about this problem is holding a World Oceans Day event that not only teaches people about sustainable seafood, but gets them excited about it too! Read on for information and resources to help plan your own seafood extravaganza.

What resources can I use to plan my event?







  • Make sure you’re buying from sustainable suppliers for your event. Here are some resources that will help you decide:

Need some more help? Don’t hesitate to email World Oceans Day Coordinator Alyssa Isakower if you have any questions or concerns.


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