The ocean is beautiful, and our national marine sanctuaries are home to some of the most amazing life on Earth! Check out these cool videos and pictures from America’s underwater treasures.

National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library

Claire Fackler, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries
Check high-quality and royalty-free images from our national marine sanctuaries. Simply give photo credit and you can use these pictures on your website, publications, ads, wherever! Take a look, they’re pretty amazing. Click here to visit!

You can also visit the NOAA Photo Library, which has a variety of different photo collections to explore. The photos span many years–great for use in publications or just to browse and look at! Click here to visit.

Don’t forget to visit the Encyclopedia of the Sanctuaries–your online multimedia guide to over 100 marine species that live in our national marine sanctuaries. This beautiful resources is chock full of great info!

Selected Video

Check out some of the best videos featuring national marine sanctuaries. Be sure to visit NOAA’s official sanctuary YouTube account for tons of great videos!

What Will You Do?

Ocean for Life 2011 Youth Media Projects

This video is from alumni of the Ocean For Life program, which fosters youth cultural understanding through the study of the ocean ecosystem.

Coral Restoration Work in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

This project has been made possible with support of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

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