More commonly known as the killer whale, orcas are found in all oceans, from the frigid to tropical waters. While called a “whale”, they are actually part of the dolphin family. They are highly social creatures, living in pods, with sophisticated group hunting tactics and vocal behaviors. Without any natural predators, they have a diverse food source from fish to seal and sometimes, even large whales, which is necessary as they eat up to 500lbs of food each day. There are three to five types of killer whales and may soon be split into different species or subspecies in the next couple of years.

Current Threats

According to IUCN, orcas’ conservation status is categorized as data deficient. Some sub-populations are considered endangered due to prey depletion, habitation loss, PCB pollution and commercial fishing.

Make a promise for the orca

A lot of orca sub-populations are suffering from habitat disruptions and pollution poisoning. Do your part and help orcas maintain healthy lifestyles by disposing of waste properly. You never know where your trash may end up! You can also learn more about other orca conservation efforts at these following websites.

Pacific WildLife Foundation

Puget Sound Partnership

Orca Research Trust


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