There’s an ocean of opportunities for celebrations!


Remember, World Oceans Day is first and foremost a celebration of our ocean’s beauty and importance, so don’t hesitate to enjoy it with others! Here are some fun ideas for social events you can organize or attend.

Just remember to leave everything as you found it for a responsible and ocean-friendly event.

Ocean festival
Organize an open-air ocean festival featuring ocean creature touch tanks, and ocean-themed art making, music, mascots, dramatizations and information booths.

Beach party
Host a beach party, BBQ, or picnic with contests for best sea creature costume, sand castle, and dance (to ocean-themed music of course).

Hand out ocean-themed prizes such as free kayak tours; tickets to the local aquarium, museum, or zoo; ocean conservation t-shirts, hats, or other gear; a sustainable seafood dinner for two; or membership to an ocean conservation organization.

Sand sculpture contest
Have a sand sculpture contest with ocean-themed prizes. Put a World Oceans Day stamp on the competition by making the sand sculptures in the shape of ocean creatures.


Research shows that real life nature experiences foster a passion for environmental protection. Remind yourself (and others) why you love the ocean and want to protect it by going out and enjoying the things a healthy earth makes possible!

Sea kayaking tours
Organize a day of sea kayak tours for the local community to learn about and enjoy the ocean’s beauty.

Swimming or sailing race
Host other athletic events related to the ocean, such as a swimming or sailing race, and donate the proceeds to a conservation program or organization in your area.

Road race or street parade
Host a road race that benefits an ocean conservation organization or organize a street parade (featuring kids and adults dressed as their favorite sea creatures). Encourage participants to attach fun facts about their sea creature to their costumes and carry educational banners about World Oceans Day, ocean issues, and ocean conservation.

Artistic Expression

Photo and art exhibit
Host a photo and art exhibit featuring ocean-themed works by local professional artists as well as works by everyday people expressing their connection to the ocean and their concern about ocean issues.

Film showing
Screen ocean-themed movies, cartoons, and documentaries with a discussion following.

Writing and poetry contest
Hold a writing and poetry contest featuring stories about the ocean. Pick the winners on World Oceans Day and hold a ceremony where the winners can share their works with a crowd.

Sponsor a “paint-off” and invite young and old alike to paint ocean-themed pictures in front of an audience. The event can have music and snacks, and the best works (selected by the audience) could be showcased at your organization or a local zoo, aquarium, museum, library, or other public place. Be sure to use eco-friendly paint.

Community mural
Organize a group of community artists to paint a mural in a popular public place in honor of the ocean. The mural could feature a few easy actions people could take to protect the ocean.