What can I do?

This June 8th, challenge yourself to make a 2015 commitment to protect the ocean. The theme is about making lasting change and it’s up to people like you to rise up and be the voice for the ocean all year long.


Share the knowledge. Protect the ocean and spread the word about conservation with these fun, and educational, resources and event ideas.

Wear Blue, Tell Two

This World Oceans Day, wear blue clothing to raise awareness for ocean conservation and share two ocean conservation facts or ways to help the ocean with friends!


There’s an ocean of opportunities for celebrations!

Ocean Action

Speak up for the ocean! The ocean has been long mischaracterized as immune to harm by humans. It’s up to us to dispel this myth and keep the ocean healthy. Whether you’re interested in politics or hands-on volunteer work, there’s a way to get involved.

Aquatic Clean-Up

Check out our World Oceans Day aquatic clean-up toolkit. We’ve compiled all the best resources to help you organize a fun and meaningful event.

Just for kids

Ideas for celebrating with the little ocean lovers in your life.


Participate in Cap Rouge Day

On June 11th every year, people around the world don a red cap in honor of beloved ocean ambassador and conservationist Jaques Yves Cousteau.