Wear Blue Tell TwoThis WOD, wear blue clothing to raise awareness for ocean conservation.

Speak up! Let those around you know why you’re wearing blue and share two facts about why it’s important to protect our world oceans; or ways they can take personal action and help.

To make the “Tell Two” part a little easier, here are two messages you can share:

  • Our ocean has a great wealth of diverse kinds of life but it’s in trouble. Climate change has already been linked to the killing of coral reefs. Coupled with destructive fishing practices, there is a dramatic decline in many types of fish and sea life we depend on.
  • There are important, easy actions each of us can take to help. Calculating our carbon footprints and looking for ways to reduce our role in climate change is a great step. Likewise, we can choose seafood that is abundant in supply and fished or farmed without harm to the ocean and coasts.


Go the extra nautical mile for the ocean!:


To make the “Wear Blue” part even easier, here are two tools you should feel free to use:

“Wear Blue” graphic file (2MB PDF file)— this design may be something you’d like to use by dropping in your own logo for t-shirts, flyers, etc.

“Wear Blue” Postcard Handout (PDF, 9 in x 4 in)— this PDF is an extra-long postcard hand out. Feel free to print and give away, or use on the web.

Sample t-shirt design — this shows an example of how you might consider using the graphic design, in this case a sample t-shirt with Monterey Bay Aquarium and National Aquarium’s logos on back, and with The Ocean Project logo on front.


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