World Oceans Day is 8 June

Pledges and Competitions

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Sains Malaysia

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Looking for better engagement and more community results? Host a challenge at work, at your school, or in your community. Check out the Better Bag Challenge to give up plastic bags for a year. You can also create your own challenge focused on recycling, composting, energy consumption or alternative transportation. Help your community make more environmentally conscious decisions by encouraging everything from biking to reducing waste.

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Gather signatures for a petition or letters calling for action and send them to your local representative. You could ask for official town or city recognition of June 8th as World Oceans Day or focus on a local or national environmental issues. By gathering enough signatures, or writing a letter on behalf of your organization (or a group of individuals), you could make World Oceans Day officially celebrated in your community. Hawaii Girl Scout Troop 401 has an inspiring success story about this! 

Incorporate the Better Bag Challenge
into your event!


Develop an ocean pledge tailored to your area for visitors or the community to sign, and enter participants in a drawing to win ocean-themed prizes. Set up you pledge booth in lobbies, libraries, farmer’s market, and other public spaces. Pledges can list things individuals can do to lessen their negative impact or increase their positive impact on the ocean. Check out our organizer’s guide to the Better Bag Challenge and the Selfie for the Sea campaign. For younger audiences, consider using the Octonauts World Oceans Day Coloring Promise.

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