Please download these resources and use them freely for your event – no need to ask for permission. We always appreciate getting any feedback you may have on these resources, and if you can send photos, that’s great!

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These graphics are based on two original posters by Jeff Fuller. You can check out the posters below, and download free graphics based on the designs. Please choose to download either the Digital Package (small images for the web) or Print Package (sized to print off posters). The Print Package is VERY large, so we suggest you only download it if you intend to print a poster.

Email us if you have trouble downloading the posters.

Poster print files (82 MB)

ONLY download if you would like to print one of the posters. They are sized to be printed at 18 x 24 inches. Includes AI, EPS, and PDF versions. To download the entire package, click on the arrow in the middle of the screen that says “download.”

Graphics to use on the internet

Includes: large and small versions of posters, images for Facebook and Twitter, customizable flyers, and buttons and banners for websites


Buy a poster: If you can’t print your own posters, you can buy them on demand here at RedBubble. There are several sizes available for each style.


En Español

Click here to download a print-sized poster in Spanish

Or download smaller jpg versions:

En Français

Click here to download a print-sized poster in French

Or, download smaller jpg versions:


World Oceans Day logo

Please use this logo to help promote your event.

Other versions of logo
Click here to download a print-size version of the logo.
Download a small transparent logo


Here are some great World Oceans Day videos from One World One Ocean and others, and we encourage you to embed them in your blog posts and websites!

This video is also available in Spanish and French


Here are some pictures of people at past World Oceans Day events. Please give credit to the owners of the images.

Additional Resources

The Better Bag Challenge

Check out the Better Bag Challenge and the Guide for Organizers, which includes a downloadable media package for public use! Please feel free to use these Better Bag graphics to integrate the Challenge into your event.

Selfie for the Seas Campaign

A media package for the Campaign is available for your “Selfie For the Sea” engagement efforts. Check out the Organizer guide here.

Resources from the Octonauts

For 2016, the Octonauts is providing great graphics and activities! Check out the media package from these awesome kid’s show heroes here.

Official Press Release

The 2016 release coming soon but in the meantime, download the 2015 World Oceans Day press release (docx). Feel free to use the text from this press release in your own materials, and share widely!

Posters from past World Oceans Day years

If you feel that some of the resources from past years will work better for your event, please feel free to use them!

We have two posters and associated buttons, banners, etc. One is from Gianna Pergamo and the other was created pro-bono by Chris Hsu. Thanks to both of these amazing artists for their help.

Pergamo Poster

Gianna Pergamo‘s poster, click here for larger version.

En Español & En Français

Click here to download the Pergamo poster in Spanish.
Click here to download the Pergamo poster in French.

Hsu Poster

Chris Hsu’s poster, click here for larger version.

You can also download a new customizable version of Hsu’s poster. These are Microsoft Word files with the poster image at the top that you can add your own details to.