World Oceans Day is 8 June

School Outreach

Children experiment with water runoff
using a modeled watershed. Photo:
The Good Men Project

Classroom Lessons

If you work in a school or with schools, you can make June 8th a special day to focus on ocean issues. DigitalExplorer has even produced a free World Oceans Day lesson plan investigating ocean acidification. Check out some of ARKive‘s ocean-related lessons, Bridge’s links, or any of the hundreds of free ocean lesson plans available on the web from NOAA and other sources.

Photo Credit: Oceans Wild at Alberton Elementary School

Presentations & Workshops

Go on tour as a presenter! Make the rounds at local schools in the months leading up to World Oceans Day with a fun presentation about the ocean, plastic pollution, sustainable seafood, or energy conservation. Make it as exciting and interactive as possible by using films, music, games, and outdoor activities. Youth engagement is incredibly important for fostering future environmentalists. Check out some lesson plans above or National Geographic for ideas.

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