Spiny seahorse

Aptly name after the spines that project from its body, the Spiny Seahorse has a long snout and a bright yellow to light pink skin color. It also has independently-moving eyes, allowing the seahorse to effectively scan its surroundings for potential prey. Once a prey is observed and nears its mouth, the seahorse will suck the prey up into its long snout.

Current Threats

According to IUCN, the Spiny Seahorse is categorized as Vulnerable due to exploitation for traditional Chinese medicines, curios, souvenirs and aquariums. Efforts have been made to reduce spiny seahorse exploitation through licensing and quotas.


Make a promise for the starfish

Check out The Seahorse Trust to adopt a seahorse and help protect them. Additionally, stay away from buying spiny seahorse as souvenirs or pets in stores.

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