World Oceans Day is 8 June

Take Action

Tell us how you're taking action against plastic pollution:

Include conservation in your celebration! 

Download full Event Organizers Guide including sample scripts:

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Step 1: Make The Ask 

Knowing that your audiences are likely share your concern about plastic trash in the ocean, ask them not if, but how they are becoming part of the solution

In-personAsk them to take out their smartphones and go to: keepoceans.blue  On that site theyll find a simple form asking them how they are helping the ocean and its animals by reducing their use of some of the most problematic plastic items: single-use plastic bags, single-use plastic bottles, plastic straws or all of the above!

Online: Post on your web site, and social media, linking directly to keepoceans.blue  

Step 2: Help Them Share Their Commitment

As the second and final step, those who hit submit on the survey screen will receive a “thank you” with links to pre-scripted responses for posting on their own social media accounts with the handles/hashtags for #worldoceansday and #cleanseas.

Research tells us that there is no time like the present! People will be much more likely to share their commitment at the moment they make it, especially if they are encouraged with some simple prompts.  Research also tells that one of the main reasons people take action on issues like this is that it makes them feel good about themselves, and is something that they will want to share with others.

Step 3: Watch That Commitment Grow

Soon after World Oceans Day, as part of our year-round engagement strategy on this issue, we will be launching an online infographic akin to a fundraising thermometer, which will be tracking social media traffic including these, as well as other key hashtags connected to individuals taking action on plastic pollution.

Sample Social Media Posts and Graphics:

  • For #worldoceansday, how are you keeping plastic out of our oceans? Tell us at keepoceans.blue  - the sea turtles thank you! #cleanseas
  • For #worldoceansday join the movement to keep plastic out of our oceans at keepoceans.blue - sea turtles will thank you! #cleanseas

  • With @worldoceansday, @unep and people around the world, we’re helping to keep plastic trash out of our oceans. You can too! Go now to keepoceans.blue  - the sea turtles will thank you!
  • For #worldoceansday we’re pledging alongside @unep and people around the world to help keep plastic trash out of our oceans. What are you doing? Go now to keepoceans.blue - the sea turtles will thank you!

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