Tiger shark

Tiger sharks, also known as the sea shark, are large predators that can get up to 16 feet long. Found in tropical and temperate waters, especially around the Pacific Islands, it gets the name “tiger” shark due to the dark stripes that are found on the body when young. As a large predator, it has a lot of food sources, such as crustaceans, fish, seals, turtles, dolphins and even other sharks. To hunt, these sharks tend to swim slowly to make it difficult for detection. However, as soon as a tiger shark comes close to its prey, it accelerates to prevent escape.

Current Threats

According to IUCN, Tiger sharks are categorized as Near Threatened species. The cause of this is mostly due to humans who fin and fish tiger sharks for food


Make a promise for the tiger shark

While it may not be common in your local grocery store, tiger sharks are prevalently sold around the world. If you do come across them in the seafood section or in restaurants, avoid purchasing/ordering them.

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