Today is World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day

Happy World Oceans Day! People around the globe have been celebrating all weekend, and the ocean fun is just beginning. Here are some ways you can join in:

Take a selfie for the sea

Everyone can do something for the ocean! Get out in your community to help, or make a promise to change something in your life for the ocean. Take a photo and share it with the world by tagging it #WorldOceansDay. Check out what other people have done!

You can also share World Oceans Day with your friends and family on social media.
Click here to post on Twitter about World Oceans Day. OR,
Change your Facebook profile picture and cover photo.

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Wear your ocean pride

TS-media2It’s World Oceans Day weekend, so wear blue! Share two facts about the ocean, or two ways to help protect it and its wildlife. Then – ask them to pass it on. Click here for more information.

Get an ocean-friendly t-shirt. Help us reach our t-shirt goal by purchasing a World Oceans Day t-shirt – show off your ocean pride and $10 of each shirt will go to support future World Oceans Day celebrations. We need your help!
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Listen to some deep sea tunes

Rap fans who care about the ocean can enjoy our new track from AWKWORD and C-Lance made to celebrate World Oceans Day!

100% of proceeds from this song go towards supporting World Oceans Day as an opportunity to rally the world for action. Listen for free, you choose what you pay to download.

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Do something for the ocean

Looking for other ways to help? Check out these blogs on how you can personally take action for the ocean today:

Or find a World Oceans Day event near you!

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Alyssa Isakower works with The Ocean Project and has been coordinating World Oceans Day since 2011. Her favorite ocean animal is PROBABLY the nudibranch.


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