West Indian manatee

West Indian Manatees live along the Caribbean in warm water due to its low metabolic rate and lack of insulating body fat. Due to their habitat range, they tend to avoid predators, such as sharks and orcas that commonly live in colder waters. They can grow up to 15 feet long, weigh almost 4,000lbs and live up to 60 years. A newborn calf weighs between 60 to 70 lbs. While very large, they are gentle and agile creatures. Most of their food source comes from plants but will also consume fish and small invertebrates.

Current Threats

According to IUCN, West Indian Manatees are categorized as Vulnerable species. This is mainly due to human-induced activities such as boating, fishing and toxic chemicals. In Central and South America, illegal poaching for meat and hide are a common source of manatee fatalities as well.


Make a promise for the West Indian manatee

Help protect manatee habitats and reduce their exposure to human threats. Go to this website http://www.savethemanatee.org/action.htm to sign pledges and spread the word about West Indian Manatees.

Reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that end up in the ocean.

– Use less detergent when doing dishes or laundry AND/OR

– Buy less corrosive detergents

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For more info, check out:

West Indian manatee http://www.arkive.org/west-indian-manatee/trichechus-manatus/

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