Whale Shark

Appropriately named after giant whales, the Whale Shark is one of the largest living animals and the largest living fish in the world. Average whale sharks are 32ft long and weigh 20,000lbs. However, the smallest free-swimming whale shark was found to be just over a foot long. Similar to whales, whale sharks are also filter feeders, foraging on macro-algae, krill, crab larvae and small vertebrates. These sharks inhabit all tropical and warm-temperate waters and migrate every spring toward the central west coast of Australia where food is most abundant.

Current Threats

According to IUCN, Whale Sharks are categorized as Vulnerable species. They are mainly targeted by commercial fisheries. However, improvements are being made as several countries known for selling whale shark have placed bans on the fishing, selling, importation and exportation of whale sharks for commercial purposes.


Make a promise for the whale shark

Help raise awareness about Whale Sharks. Check out organizations that conduct research on whale shark and see how you can help! Some organizations that work on whale shark conservation are

The Georgia Aquarium

The Shark Trust

African Impact

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For more info, check out:

Whale shark http://www.arkive.org/whale-shark/rhincodon-typus/

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