World Oceans Day is 8 June 


Calling young ocean conservationists ages 14-21! Enter the Sea Youth Rise Up Video Competition to share your opinion on ocean conservation challenges and solutions for the chance to travel to New York City on June 3-5 to speak up for ocean conservation to a global audience in honor of World Oceans Day! Entries due May 24, 2017. Visit SeaYouthRiseUp.org for complete details! #SeaYouthRiseUp 

Youth Advisory Council

Meet the 11 members of the Youth Advisory Council and learn how they're expanding the reach of World Oceans Day!

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World Oceans Day Book

Read the World Oceans Day children's book - developed as a free online resource for children and families around the world!

Printing Information

The World Oceans Day book (English only) is available to print in multiples of 50 at a cost of $1/book plus shipping. 50 books will cost approximately $62; 100 books will cost $124, etc. If interested in ordering, please contact philip.hicks@uniteforliteracy.com These orders will need to be placed by May 30 to arrive in time for World Oceans Day 2017.

For orders of 2,000 or more books, partner organizations can have the books customized with "sponsored by..." on the inside book cover. Books are available to print in multiple languages (Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.) These orders will need to be placed by May 19 to arrive in time for World Oceans Day 2017. Please see email above for contact information. 

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The Youth Guide to the Ocean

YUNGA Youth Guides are designed to give you even deeper insights into core topics. They allow you to explore each theme more closely, building a detailed understanding of the issues at hand and the ways in which you can get involved. They also contain links to additional resources and information so you can keep learning independently.

The Youth Guide to the Ocean illustrates the many wonders of the ocean, what the ocean does for us and what we are doing to the ocean. At the end of the Guide you’ll find a simple but effective strategy for setting up an action plan to undertake your very own conservation project. What are you waiting for? Get involved!

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