June 8th, 2018

Youth Advisory Council

The Advisory Council helps to expand the reach and impact of World Oceans Day, on 8 June and with continued engagement year-round. Advisory Council members are instrumental in helping shape the development of World Oceans Day as it grows, providing new and unique perspectives, ideas, and recommendations. Together with the Advisory Council and our growing global network of partners from all sectors and in more than 100 countries, we provide opportunities for ocean conservation throughout the year. 

World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council Handbook

The World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council application is now closed. Please join the global youth network to receive the latest news and updates. 

Anna Zaske

Member since 2018

At 17 years old, Anna Zaske has always considered herself an international student. Originally from Germany, Anna has lived in the US, Scotland, and now Denmark. The common denominator of every place she lived in was that there was always a sea or ocean nearby. Therefore, the ocean and marine life has always been a part of home for her. It is her peaceful place and she simply loves it.

Anna enjoys snorkeling, surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, and taking walks along our beautiful oceans. When not in the water, she loves playing volleyball and volunteering to lead Sustainability Tours around her school's campus to raise money for an orphanage in Peru. Anna wants to protect the fascinating marine wildlife and to preserve our vast ocean and all the amazing experiences it offers us.  She decided to join the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council, because she believes by passionately collaborating both locally and internationally, WE can make a difference, and Anna believes we should begin NOW.

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Cade Terada

Member since 2018 

Cade Emory Terada is from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, which also happens to be the number one fishing port by volume in the United States. Throughout his time growing up there he saw changes in his home and wanted to do something about it. This led him to join the Alaska Youth for Environmental Action and served as a US Arctic Youth Ambassador from 2015-2017. As an Ambassador, he raised awareness about the impacts of ocean acidification as well as the impacts of climate change on the circumpolar Arctic. Cade currently attends Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont, and is pursuing a BA in environmental studies. 

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Gabrielle Tan

Member since 2018

Gabrielle Tan is a 16-year-old student in Malaysia who loves learning about anything to do with Geography and hopes to pursue Environmental Science in the near future. Friends call her Gabby, Gabs or Dory (long story) and she tries to live by the quote “Forever is composed of nows.”

Gabby’s earliest memories of the ocean are of playing in the sand and wading at the beach over in Sabah. She has always loved and been amazed by our oceans but it wasn’t until a school Geography trip to a Coral Reef Nursery that she realized the huge importance of our marine ecosystems and the sheer urgency for us to step up and protect them. Since then, Gabby has tried her best to raise awareness about coral reef conservation by speaking at assemblies, making videos, and running a blog about our oceans. She believes her efforts have just scratched the surface of what a whole team could achieve together and she couldn’t be more excited to be on the Council. Gabby is looking forward to a great year ahead! 

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Ibrahi Rodriguez

Member since 2018

Ibrahi Rodriguez is thrilled to call the Galapagos Islands home. Although he wishes he could have spent his entire childhood there, he had to move to Guayaquil for several years. This experience made him realize that the environment can become contaminated when people don’t consider their actions. Overall, Ibrahi believes that growing up alongside the ocean in Santa Cruz, Ecuador, has had a huge influence on who he is as a person.

Ibrahi began working towards protecting the oceans three years ago when he joined the Ecology Project International (EPI). EPI is an NGO that focuses on citizen science projects and works alongside local youth and scientists to preserve the islands Ibrahi lives in. His interest in conservation spiked when the staff began discussing the green sea turtle monitoring program training camping. He jumped at the chance to join one of the training program and learned all about this beautiful animal. Ibrahi was so inspired by the end of the training that he continued to learn about the problems sea turtles are facing in modern society.

It took Ibrahi a while to decide what he was going to do to assist the efforts other NGOs were doing to protect this species. However with the assiatnce of EPI and other organizations, he is now getting ready to set up his own camp at another island in the archipelago. Ibrahi plans to teach the local youth about what he learned from his research and experience about the importance of sea turtles in the environment. This is a special moment for Ibrahi because he realized that he doesn’t have to be a professional to help the environment. As long as he has a passion for conservation and the right support from his local organizations,  he can start his own project.

Currently, Ibrahi is going to be one of EPI’s leaders for the green sea turtle nests monitoring program. That way, he can get the community of Santa Cruz, his home, more engaged and empowered so they can take immediate actions that over time will help conserve our beautiful environment. Now, at almost 18 years old, Ibrahi looks forward to becoming a marine biologist over the next five years so he can work harder than ever to protect the oceans. That is his strongest desire.

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Kehkashan Basu

Member since 2018 

Winner of the 2016 International Children’s Peace Prize, Kehkashan Basu has been impacting the global fraternity for the past eight years with her work on peace, children’s rights, education for sustainable development, gender equality, and climate justice. Born on June 5th, which is also World Environment Day, she feels that it was pre-ordained that she should grow up to be an eco-warrior. In 2013, at the age of 12, she was elected for a 2-year term as UNEP’s (United Nations Environment Programme) Global Coordinator for Children & Youth. She became a member of its Major Groups Facilitating Committee and is the youngest person and the first minor to be elected into this position in the history of UNEP. A passionate advocate of children’s rights, Kehkashan is a United Nations Human Rights Champion and lends her support to the UN’s StandUp campaign. The UK Youth Climate Coalition named her as one the 8 global Climate Heroines of 2014.

Kehkashan is the founder of a youth organization, Green Hope Foundation, which engages, educates, and empowers young people to take local and regional actions on mitigating climate change, protecting oceans and natural habitats, stopping land degradation, reducing pollution and wastage and creating a sustainable future. Through ground level actions, she has led Green Hope members in planting several thousand trees, cleaned up a multitude of beaches, worked on mangrove conservation, adopted endangered turtles, engaged the community to reduce wastage and pollution, and adopted sustainable consumption as a way of life. Green Hope now has over 1000 members across Canada, USA, the Middle East, India, and Nepal. In her role as the voice of children and youth, she has spoken at over 50 United Nations and other international summits, travelling to over 20 Countries. Her internationally acclaimed work on sustainability has resulted in her appointment as the Youth Ambassador of World Future Council, Honorary Advisor for the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development – NY, Global Advisory Council member of Young Men 4 Gender Equality -USA, a Climate Reality Leader, member of KidsRights Youngsters, and a former Global Youth Ambassador for A World At School (2014~2016) to promote the cause of global education.

Kehkashan has received international awards from UNCCD (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification) in 2012, the 2012 Korea Green Foundation award, the 2013 International Young Eco-Hero award from Action for Nature, USA, the 2014 Kids are Heroes USA award, 2014 GESS award as Ambassador for the Environment, the 2014 Solar Pioneer Award, the  Non-Resident Indian of the Year award in 2015, and the 2015 International Diana Award. In 2017, she was conferred the prestigious Energy Globe Award and the Turner Social Change Prize.

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Olivia Taylor
South Africa

Member since 2018

Olivia Taylor is a 20-year-old Political Science & Philosophy student from South Africa. She is the CEO and founder of Four Elements Conservation NPC, an environmental organization raising awareness and funding for environmental issues through innovative projects and youth development.

Olivia’s conservation journey started a decade ago, when she was first exposed to birding which led her, at age 12, to begin fundraising for conservation initiatives such as the Bearded Vulture Project. Over time, her love for the ocean grew, beginning after her first experience free diving with Tiger sharks.

You can learn more about Olivia by visitng her website, oliviaearth.org or checking out her organization at http://www.fourelementsconservation.org

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Patricia Zanella

Member since 2018

Patricia Zanella is 21 years old and lives in the historic coastal city Itanhaém, Brazil. She graduated with an undergraduate degree in International Relations and has been a member of the NGO, Ecosurf, since 2014. At Ecosurf, Patricia acts as an international institutional representative, facilitating the communication of Ecosurf with other institutions around the world to promote actions to protect the oceans. In 2018, she will start her Master's Degree in International Law focusing in International Environmental Law to understand the legal instruments that can help protect the oceans. Patricia’s passion for the sea, the environment, and all life present on earth encouraged her to make the ethical decision to stop consuming anything of animal origin. In her free time, Patricia is dedicated to disseminating a simpler life with less consumption through her website about sustainable fashion and conscious consumption.

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Rufai Balogun

Member since 2018

Rufai Balogun is a 4th year student of Meteorology and Climate Science at the Federal University of Technology in Akure, Nigeria. He has a growing passion for disaster risk management in cities, particularly on the impact to water stress and scarcity on human health. He participated in the Online Youth Exchange of Care About Climate, a platform where climate advocates and students across the world exchange ideas and teach and train each other on climate change advocacy. He also serves as a member of the International RYSE Youth Council where he provides insights and researches how to tackle the challenges of fracking, plastic pollution, and fossil fuel burning through the use of art, media, and advocacy. 

You can connect with Rufai on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rufai.balogun2

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Sofia El-Rass

Member since 2018

Sofia El-Rass grew up by the Red Sea and spent almost every weekend exploring the tropical beaches and reefs so, naturally, the oceans and seas have had a significant influence on her life. Sofia enjoy using her creativity and hobbies to bring her closer to nature whether it's fiddling around with underwater photography while she dives or painting Bob-Ross-styled depictions of nature.

Her initiation into pursuing a career in conservation started around two years ago after signing up for her first volunteering program with a non-governmental organization which exposed her to Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean. Since then, Sofia has made conservation her number one priority as she has witnessed first-hand the devastating toll on our Earth due to climate change and careless actions.

This led her to embark on several experiences including an internship focused on the marine mammals of Portugal. She even became a regional ambassador for the organization behind the documentary Chasing Coral. Sofia also joined, and served a year of presidency for, her high school’s Global Issues Network club which helped her improve her activism through performing presentations on the problems our world faces. Through joining the Youth Advisory Council, Sofia hopes to continue her drive for positive change and help spread awareness on solutions to promote a more sustainable future.

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Wenqin Zhang

Member since 2018

Born in an inland province in China, the ocean has always been a symbol of purity and sanctity to Wenqin Zhang. She recalls being surprised the first time she went to a harbor in Shanghai. The water there was dirty and smelly and although many pictures of fish and birds living in the mouth of Yangtze River were displayed at the harbor, no trace of animal activity could be seen. That experience made Wenqin realize that people living there, including herself, know so little about marine conservation. She noticed a lack of courses being offered in school, limited news stories and videos in media, and too few resources in real life for people to learn about this issue. Wenqin also became concerned that many of the current efforts to address these problems weren’t occurring on an international scale. She is interested in finding ways that counties can collaborate on solutions and international organizations can work together more efficiently.

Wenqin is now earning her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations at Fudan University in Shanghai. Her current studies have convinced her that one goal can be better achieved when governments work together. She believes the same goes for organizations and even individuals. As a member of the Youth Advisory Council, Wenqin will try her best to be a messenger to promote cooperation and work with other members to get more people involved in the action! 

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