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Seas the Day in May: Green Gardening

This May, green your garden the environmentally friendly way! If you are fortunate enough to have a garden or lawn to care for this spring, this post will help you water, manage weeds and pests, and keep your garden green without harming the ocean and other life. Even if you don’t have your own garden, these tips can also help you maintain an ocean-friendly plot in a community garden! Or, enjoy the May flowers with a few potted plants or a planter box.

Alexandra Thomsen 07-May-2016
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Young Ocean Leaders Wanted!

Sea Youth Rise Up is a new initiative for youth engagement on ocean conservation, facilitated by The Ocean Project in partnership with the World Oceans Day network, and led by Danni Washington of The Big Blue & You and Sean Russell of the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit. The main goal of this initiative, launching for World Oceans Day 2016, is to generate discussion and action among youth around the world about how the global community can work towards healing our blue planet, on World Oceans Day and throughout the year.

Samantha Mackiewicz 05-May-2016
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Ocean for Educators

This June, celebrate World Oceans Day by educating others about the importance of the ocean and providing them with ways to help with the solutions. Our world's shared ocean helps to provide food and oxygen, as well as takes up carbon dioxide emissions from our atmosphere. The ocean also offers many opportunities for recreation, from diving and sailing to surfing and nature exploration. Together we can work to improve the health of our ocean and the first step is spreading the word about the importance of the ocean and teaching others how to take action for ocean conservation in age-appropriate ways.

Abby Tripler 03-May-2016
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Protecting the Ocean with Your Faith-Based Organization

Looking for a way to connect your faith-based organization to your love for the environment? This post is for you! Faith-based organizations have been central actors in social justice movements throughout history. Organizing an event for World Oceans Day is a great way to bring your community’s passion to a critical issue of our time: environmental sustainability. This movement is about living more consciously to ensure that future generations can enjoy our planet’s natural resources and lead happy and healthy lives. World Oceans Day is a significant part of this push for sustainability because events organized by people of all ages and backgrounds help spread the word about the importance of the ocean in our everyday lives and the need to protect it.

Alexandra Thomsen 28-Apr-2016
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Join the Better Bag Challenge 2016

Last year's success with the Better Bag Challenge led to full deployment of this initiative for all partners worldwide. Its goal is to spread awareness and inspire action about reducing ocean plastic trash, specifically single-use plastic bags that take hundreds of years to decompose. Plastic in the ocean harms animals that are trapped and injured by it and also eat it. 80% of this ocean trash comes from the land rather than being directly deposited in the ocean. Many of us are already aware of this problem, but what can we do about it?

Lena Champlin 26-Apr-2016
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Earth Day: Celebrating Our Blue Planet

Every April 22, events are held worldwide to celebrate our planet and raise awareness about threats to environmental health, like climate change and pollution. Many of these efforts tend to have a terrestrial focus. While addressing terrestrial issues and taking action on land are crucial in working towards a sustainable future, don’t overlook the importance of the ocean and its interconnectedness with life on land!

Alexandra Thomsen 21-Apr-2016
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Setting Sail For Conservation

Trust us, we get it. The smell of the air, the ebb of the waves and the feel of the wind. Be you dilettante or professional, just starting or born into it, sailing can be a lifelong passion. But our oceans are in trouble, and they need us to speak for them. This year, join sailors around the world who are holding World Oceans Day events, working together to keep the ocean healthy for future generations. Not sure where to start? Activism is all about getting the word out. Host a regatta, a sailing festival, or even just a day out on the water with friends.

Cora Wiese Moore 19-Apr-2016
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Ideas for Resorts: Engaging Visitors on World Oceans Day

How can resorts help encourage healthier ocean stewardship? Engage your visitors on World Oceans Day with exciting events and fun activities. Ocean resorts have a chance to turn tourism into activism, empowering visitors by helping them to learn more about the challenges faced by the beautiful environments that surround them.

Samantha Mackiewicz 12-Apr-2016
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Seas the Day in April: Clean Green

Many cleaning and other household products contain chemicals that are harmful to both people and the environment. The chemicals from your shampoo, dishwasher and laundry detergent, bathroom cleaner, and other products all get washed into the water stream. Even when this water goes through wastewater treatment facilities, low levels of toxins ─ like bug spray and herbicides ─ can still reach the ocean and drinking water sources. Everyone’s small shifts away from harmful products can add up to keep toxic chemicals and pollution out of our drinking water and the ocean, where they can harm marine life.

Alexandra Thomsen 09-Apr-2016
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World Oceans Day Photo Contest 2016- send in your favorite photo!

Submissions are now being accepted for the third annual World Oceans Day Photo Contest! World Oceans Day serves as an opportunity to celebrate our oceans and raise awareness of the challenges our oceans face. The beauty of the ocean can be expressed through photography and inspire others to care for the ocean. Winning images will be recognized by the United Nations on June 8th. Your photograph could represent World Oceans Day 2016!

Bill Mott 02-Apr-2016
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