Below the Surface

Connect to the Coast

Don’t live by the ocean? Never been sailing or surfing? Don’t worry, everyone can play an important role in protecting the ocean– on World Oceans Day and every day! Whether we live on the coast or miles away from the sea, we are all connected to the ocean and can take action to positively impact ocean health.
Event Ideas
Samantha Mackiewicz 26-Apr-2018
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Dive, Surf or Sail into World Oceans Day!

Every year, more and more divers, surfers, sailors and swimmers join in on World Oceans Day celebrations. Whether you choose to dive beneath the waves or stay above the surface this year, there are so many ways for athletes and recreational clubs and organizations to celebrate World Oceans Day.
Event Ideas Surf Dive Sail
Samantha Mackiewicz 29-Mar-2018
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Event Ideas for Any Business

Planning a World Oceans Day event for your workplace is a fun and effective way to get your employees and coworkers to participate in celebrating and protecting our ocean.
Event Ideas
Samantha Mackiewicz 23-Mar-2018
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Celebration Ideas for Resorts

Coastal hotels and resorts have a chance to turn tourism into activism, empowering visitors by helping them to learn more about the challenges faced by the beautiful environments that surround them.
Event Ideas
Samantha Mackiewicz 16-Mar-2018
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Uniting to Build Ocean Literacy with Children

As part of our increasing emphasis on youth engagement for World Oceans Day, we’re excited to announce the launch of a free online resource to promote ocean awareness and literacy, the Global Ocean & Aquatic Library (GOAL). We hope this new resource will be of use to event organizers and others involved with World Oceans Day.
Bill Mott 20-Feb-2018
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