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World Oceans Week
Aquarium of the Bay
World Oceans Week

At Aquarium of the Bay, we love World Oceans Day so much we decided to celebrate it for a whole week! Join us June 4 - June 12.

Join us for our week-long extravaganza where we’ll celebrate with craft-making opportunities, selfie challenges, exciting presentations, hands-on dissections, and chances to take action against climate change and plastic pollution!

Take part in a series of challenges throughout the Aquarium, collecting stamps as you go. When you’re all done, show your stamps to a Naturalist in the Bay Lab to get a prize!

How to collect stamps:

  • Check in with our Naturalist in Discover the Bay, and learn how to make a reusable bag out of an old t-shirt.
  • Take a selfie with one of our designated selfie hot spots to become an “Ocean Hero Hottie”
  • Give plastic bags a second life by making a flower craft at our Bay Lab


WOW Special Presentations

Party for Planet Blue!

Celebrate World Oceans Week aquarium-style, and learn some clever tips and tricks to keep the landfills low while making your party fun and sustainable.

Albatross Bolus Dissection

What happens to our trash when it strays from a landfill and gets into the ocean? We’ll examine the diet of the Laysan albatross to learn how we’re all connected, and how our actions can affect animals even thousands of miles away!

Be an ocean hero from home:

Inspire other ocean heroes:

Send a note to a corporation, representative, family member, or friend encouraging them to be an ocean hero. See our sample notes here for inspiration.

Get outside and join us for one of two Beach Cleanups on Saturday, June 6:

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World Oceans Week at the ABQ BioPark Aquarium

Whether you live along the coast or far inland, you are connected to the world's oceans.  Created in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janieiro, World Oceans Day is an opportunity to celebrate oceans and our personal connection to the sea.  This year, we celebrate World Oceans Day all week long!

Come to the Aquarium to discover the wealth of diverse and beautiful ocean creatures and habitats.  Find out how our daily actions affect ocean life and how we are all interconnected.

All week long, enjoy special discovery stations around the Aquarium, watch oean-themed videos in the Aquarium Theater, and learn how to make responsible seafood purchasing decisions.

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Worldwide Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef — Tottenham atoll

Growing our local ‘hyperbolic coral reef’ — part of a worldwide environmental art project. Plastic bags can be fabulous art materials, far too useful to throw away carelessly! Learn how to make them into ‘plarn’ (plastic+yarn) with loads of practical and decorative uses.

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Would oceans day - Reduce plastic bags.
Her-Hen elementary school
Would oceans day - Reduce plastic bags.

Every year, there are 8 million tons of plastic waste havs been  thrown into the ocean. Those plastic waste flown in the ocean were eaten by many 

marine lives and causes thier death. We are all responsible for what happens to our waste. So, on June 8th, we stand out to ask all the tourist in Penghu to join our challenge of reducing plastic bags. 

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Yoga by the Sea
Point Pleasant Park
Yoga by the Sea

We had so much fun with you at the park last summer, we want to invite everyone to join us again for another yoga experience by the sea! Bring a yoga mat if you have one. Class is for all levels and all ages.

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Yoga by the Sea
St. Mary’s Boat Club
Yoga by the Sea

Grab a yoga mat and join the Ecology Action Centre (EAC) for an hour long session of oceanside yoga on the Northwest Arm! All levels and ages are welcome and encouraged to attend. Hope to see you there!

For more information, contact:
Susannah Rebar

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Young Scientists Discover the Andaman

It was 8.30 in the morning when the first group of geography students from Garden International School arrived. Twenty six high school students with teachers and Wilderness Malaysia guides were about to be introduced to the Andaman Resort’s Marine Life Laboratory and Coral Nursery. A second group of 27 were due to arrive after lunch and spend the afternoon learning more about marine life and ocean conservation.

The Andaman’s coral nursery went into operation in 2012. Although it has the potential to replace about 5,000 corals per year to our tsunami damaged reef most of the staff’s time is devoted to education.

On June 8, 2015, World Ocean day, the Andaman opened its Marine Life Laboratory. Unique in a resort setting, the laboratory offers guests and students the opportunity to learn more about some of the Coral Triangle’s incredible creatures. 

Dr. Gerry carries out research at the facilities combining science and specialized photographic techniques to unravel some of the secrets of the Datai Bay coral reef.

“The staff and I are really passionate about coral reef conservation”, Dr Gerry said. “Taking guests and school children through the Lab and our Coral Nursery opens their eyes to the incredible life found just offshore. We all have a responsibility for the well being of our natural environment and the Andaman is among the first resorts to accept that challenge.”

The Garden International School brings students to the Andaman Resort several times a year. The geography group arrived with a range of questions prepared by their instructors but soon found that their exploration of the facilities raised dozens more.

The theme of their adventure was “sustainability” and the students covered ideas reaching from coastal development to over fishing. In the theatre area of the Lab the students learned about the impact of the tsunami and what the Andaman Resort is doing to rehabilitate the reef. Strange creatures in the Lab’s research tanks sparked their curiosity just before the group moved on to the Coral Nursery.

To help bring coral conservation to life the students were able to snorkel in the Coral Nursery and get ‘one on one’ instruction from the Andaman resort’s coral curator and university volunteer. For some this is the first time they get underwater and able to touch corals, anemones, sea cucumbers, and giant clams.

Following the snorkeling, the student groups moved on to a small clearing in the cool of the rainforest. Here they built small artificial reef modules (mini-ARMs). These tiny artificial reefs are made from broken corals washed ashore by the 2004 tsunami. The broken corals are bonded together with concrete mixed by the students (another new experience). 

Finally, the students transplant small living corals onto mini-ARMs already cured and ready to be placed in the nursery before being relocated to the Andaman Reef. 

Three or four months in the nursery are enough to ensure the corals are healthy and producing new polyps. The mini-ARMs will become part of the Andaman resort’s reef rehabilitation program and form the basic structure of an offshore coral garden being constructed by guests, students, and corporate team building events.

“I can’t express enough thanks to the Garden International School Geography Fieldtrip of June, 2016. They were a great bunch of kids with a genuine concern for the world’s future. They were able to make a small but very significant contribution to rehabilitating our tsunami damaged coral reef. I am sure that what they discovered here will enrich their lives and assist them academically,” said Dr Gerry. “It’s great to see Malaysian students experiencing our fascinating marine environment alongside guests from all over the world.”

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Your Own Deep Dive into OCEANS Text
A nice place for a discussion
Your Own Deep Dive into OCEANS Text

Introducing a new kind of "book club" where the book is an interactive document and the discussion revolves around responses and renderings from the group. Designed for learners age 14-Adult, our interactive reader comes alive as you insert your own ideas, images you find on the Web, your own diagrams & photos, and your responses to thought questions. Real science, math and nature await you! EduChange celebrates World Oceans Day by helping friends, books clubs, families and colleagues come together to LEARN and SHARE about the health of our oceans.

We recommend this process for your Deep Dive event:

  1. Share this link with people in your group:
  2. Click the "Download" button in the World Oceans Day blurb
  3. Set a date to come together to discuss
  4. As you read, interact with the videos, animations, prompts and questions in the text--complete what you like, what compels you to learn
  5. Get together and discuss your learning--you have successfully celebrated our OCEANS and advocated for their health and well-being!

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Zoo de Bâle (Basel Zoo)

Pour la Journée mondiale de l’Océan, un programme spécial à l’intérieur et autour du Vivarium sera proposé. Sous le titre « Plastique en mer », le Zoo de Bâle souhaite sensibiliser le public à la problématique de la pollution par le plastique des mers et océans. 
Comment le plastique arrive-t-il dans la mer? 
Qu’est-ce que le microplastique? 
Et pourquoi est-il ingéré par les animaux?

Activités : 
Les soigneurs expliqueront « Pourquoi et comment les animaux mangent-ils le plastique? »
Expérience à faire soi-même: « Du microplastique dans les articles cosmétiques? »
Oceaneye sera l’invité du zoo
Activités pour les enfants: « Décore ton propre sac en tissu aux couleurs de l’océan »
Boutique sous-marine
Infomobile sur le « Vivarium » et les «Coraux»
Présentation du projet Ozeanium avec distribution gratuite de sac en tissu aux couleurs de l’océan (jusqu’à épuisement des stocks) 


For World Ocean Day, a special program in and around the Vivarium will be offered. Under the title "Plastic sea", the Basel Zoo wants to raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution of seas and oceans.
How he arrived on plastic in the sea
What is the micro shell
And why is ingested by animals

Healers will explain "Why and how do animals eat plastic? "
Experience to oneself: "From micro shell in cosmetic products "
Oceaneye will be the guest of the zoo
Activities for children: "Decorate your own cloth bag in the colors of the ocean"
Boutique underwater
Infomobile the "Vivarium" and "Coral"
Project presentation Ozeanium free distribution cloth bag in the colors of the ocean (while supplies last)

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Zoo Miami World Oceans Day

Join Zoo Miami in celebrating World Oceans Day and learn how you can help marine conservation! Festivities will be located near the Ocean Voyage water play area and Oasis Grill. This year's activities will focus on the following themes:

Plastic Waste

  • Better Bag Challenge
  • Beach Cleanup Game

Sustainable Seafood

  • Seafood Watch Guides
  • Pledge Banner Signing

Endangered Ocean Wildlife

  • Sharks
  • Sea Turtles

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Zootastik Learning Fest: World Oceans Day

Join us for Zootastik Learning Fest on second Saturdays and Sundays to learn about the amazing world of animals. On Saturday, June 11, Zootastik Learning Fest is all about oceans. We will learn about oceans and water conservation through fun activities, demonstration and crafts.

Zootastik Learning Fest is funded by the Zoo Learning Fund.

All activities, demonstrations and crafts will take place in the main lobby and are included with Zoo admission.


June 11-12, 2016 (Sat-Sun)

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