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Pokémon GO Ocean!
Fort Phoenix Beach, Fairhaven MA (with gathering at 174 Union Street, New Bedford, MA following cleanup)
Pokémon GO Ocean!

In celebration of #WorldOceansDay we'll be meeting from 9:00-10:00AM to help clean up a beach site to be determined with Be the Solution to Pollution followed by a pizza party at 174 Union St., #NewBedford at New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park. All are welcome! Gloves, bags, tools and refreshments provided.

Wear your team color (or Pokémon Go Gear) because we're going to see which team picks up the most from 9-10AM. Which team will be the Champion? Who rules? Is it Instinct/Yellow, Mystic/Blue, or Valor/Red? (Heavy objects like wood & bricks will not count toward winning the Championship).

Volunteers for the Cleanup will also receive tickets at the cleanup for our free raffle which will take place during the pizza party. Volunteers will not have to be present at the raffle to receive any winnings. Your names and contact info will be preserved on the tickets and we'll make sure you receive your winnings. Other fun surprises are being planned for our volunteers - stay tuned! 

The Ocean is our livelihood in downtown #NewBedford #MA #SouthCoast #NewEngland #USA. Without a healthy Ocean, the seafood industry dies leaving us without our livelihood. It serves our best interest to figure out what we can do as individuals to help keep our Ocean alive. 

Over 8 million tons of plastic is slipping into our Oceans every year – that’s a truckload a minute! At that rate, in 30 years, there will be more plastic in our Oceans than fish! The breakdown of these plastics is creating an Ocean Soup of Plastic which enters the food chain affecting the health of the fish we eat (which can then affect our health too).

Just like in Pokémon GO, a trainer will never reach Level 40 overnight. It's literally step-by-step, tiny actions which add up to significant progress. Sometimes it seems like we’ll never get to the next level but we know it’s possible. So let’s do it!

Join us for some fun together while we make a difference for good.

Here’s how you can help:
● Shop with Reusable Bags.
● Purchase coffee with a Refillable Cup.
● Carry a reusable Water Bottle to Refill.
● Try out Reusable Sporks or Straws.

Articles for more info:



For more on the Global Goals, see: https://youtu.be/RpqVmvMCmp0

#KeepOceansBlue #OceanGuardian
#Pokemon #PokemonGo
#GlobalGoals #Act4SDGs #SDG13 #SDG14 #SDG15 #SDG17

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Portballintrae Beach Collection
Portballintrae Harbour
Portballintrae Beach Collection

We will be a group of kids and adults collecting all plastic material from the local beaches.


We aim to have local presss and media in attendance to broadcast this to the local population.


We are also incorporating our local cub scouts pack to use this towers recreiving their ocean awareness badges.


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Reduced Single Use Plastic Week - Challenge

We will challenge our pupils and their families to have a single use, plastic free week. We will work on activities based on plastic pollution throughout the week and look at how we can reduce and reuse plastic. We are making eco bricks to build a wood store in our Forest Schools area as well as having a pop up shop called 'Waste Away - A Plastic Free Life'. This shop will introduce a way of refilling items such as detergents, shampoo, shower gel etc thus reducing single use plastic in our homes. We will produce a leaflet with the help of the children to give to parents/families with ideas of how we can make a difference in the fight against plastic pollution. We will also put together a display as a constant reminder of the damage plastic does to our earth. Finally every member of our school family will make their own pledge for the World.

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Retiro fri for søppel

Vi salmes ved Retirostranden den 22 mai og rydder strandområdet fri for søppel 

Dagen avsluttes med bål og grilling

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Riduci "Riusa Ricicla Risparmia" Mercatino Dell Usato Edizione 2019

Riparte l'edizione 2019 di
Riduci "Riusa "Ricicla "Risparmia . Mercatino Dell Usato a Camucia
Da Aprile A Settembre Ogni 2" Domenica
Partecipa ! Domenica 14 Aprile 2019
nel Parcheggio Piazza Pertini (Coop ) ore 8-19 Camucia(Ar)

Il Tuo Spazio per Vendere . Partecipa Condividi , e diffondi l' iniziativa tra i tuoi Amici e Familiari

Un Mercatino della Comunita Locale Aperto a tutti i cittadini dove e possibile recuperare risorse dai tanti oggetti e cose che abbiamo in eccesso che ancora potrebbero essere usate evitando oltretutto che diventino rifiuti : Una Pratica ecologica per ridurre le produzioni inquinanti . L' idea di Riusare Oggetti che possono ancora essere Utili , Riciclare Materie Prime di enorme valore EcoLogico , Risparmiare denaro , creando un Economia Locale

Info email solesia99@gmail.com
Tel 0039 3467816119
Pagina Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Riduci-Riusa-Ricicla-Risparmia-Mercato-Locale-Dell-Usato-A-Camucia/537418842951259?ref=ts&fref=ts
Link profilo Associazione Occupy ItalyAnimals
Pagina Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OccupyItalyAnimals2?ref=ts&fref=ts

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Saint-Tropez : Couleur Bleu

Performance artistic 

Street Art 


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Save our seas

Creating interactive junk art using plastic etc, to create awareness about ocean pollution.

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Schenker`s World Ocean Day

Vi samles på Huk den 22 mai og rydder ved og langs stranda (Hukodden) lengst syd på Bygdøyneset i Oslo.

Dagen avsluttes med mat og drikke. 

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Sidmouth Sea Fest 2019
The Ham, Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 8BG, UK
Sidmouth Sea Fest 2019

The Vision of Sidmouth Sea Fest is the staging of an annual event that will celebrate the opportunities afforded on, in and from the sea.

Sidmouth Sea Fest aims to celebrate and advocate the vibrant coastal community of Sidmouth and encourage a spirit of shared place.

We invite local clubs, enterprises, schools and the public to an annual event that showcases the activities, heritage and education connected to the sea and coast that Sidmouth offers to local people and visitors.

Through this, we aim to preserve, encourage and advocate;

  • Community cohesion, participation and inclusion
  • Education & Heritage
  • Maritime & Fisheries
  • Employment, Training & Apprenticeships
  • The Arts
  • Responsible Tourism
  • Sustainability and the Environment

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Skjellvika fri for søppel

Vi samles ved Skjellvika strand den 22 mai og rydder strandområdet fri for søppel.

Dagen avsluttes med grilling.

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Vi samles i Ausvika for søppelrydding og grilling.

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Vi rydder langs Glommas utløp etter arbeidstid

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Strandrydding i Ornesvika
Strandrydding i Ornesvika
Strandrydding i Ornesvika

Ansatte i Schenker Narvik vil rydde fra strandområde i Ornesvika mot til og med Veteranplassen.  

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Students Rebuild Ocean Challenge

The world’s ocean and the people who live closest to them face urgent environmental challenges—but you can help. For every artwork you send us, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2 (up to $500K) toward youth-focused ocean conservation and restoration efforts in coastal communities, helping to increase awareness, provide jobs and build community resilience. To dive in, register—it’s both easy and required. Then use what you learn to create sea creatures from recycled materials.

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Suntory Beach Clean pUmP
Chacachacare Island
Suntory Beach Clean pUmP

The clean up hopes to engage the public to remove trash from one of our popular camping sites. The project is for one day only, but beyond just improving the aesthetic value of a clean beach, we hope to encourage a change in behaviour toward marine litter. The project is as much educational as it is about the cleaning up the beautiful beach.

Volunteers will gather early on Saturday morning to take the trip "Down D Islands" aboard a boat. Once there, teams will traverse the beach and remove garbage.



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The Great Gibraltar Beach Cleans

We will be running the 45th Great Gibraltar Beach Clean. This was launched in February 2017 and to date 42 beach cleans have taken place covering all our coastline. The plastic debris retrieved at these events is normally between 60kg to 100kg with as much as 420kg removed at a single event. We work with the local recycling plant so all the rubbish removed does not end up in either landfill of the sea, instead it is weighed, sorted and recycled.

Further we have also organised a school competition open to all local students - event attached.

The Nautilus Project have been supporting your movement since it's launch in June 2019 so this will be our 3rd year!

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The Ocean
Världskulturmuseet i Göteborg/Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg
The Ocean

The Ocean

To celebrate the "World Oceans Day", Norrby Vocal Ensemble, under the leadership of Mrs Sara Korsgren Norrby, will perform a lunch concert - "The Ocean" - at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, Sweden (8:th of June 2019, 12 pm). The concert has got a water theme inspired by the museum’s exhibition - "Human Nature". It focus on The Ocean, how mankind relates to it and to the nature, includiing several different genres, from Oskar Lindberg to Coldplay. In centrum of it all stands a completely new choir works, "The Ocean", composed by Mrs Kristin Stenerhag, which this day of honor gets its premiere. As a part of the concert also the author, Professor Mr Gustaf Olsson, will hold a speech: "The Ocean – our lifesource and dump", about the global water situation.

When Norrby Vocal Ensemble performs; content, expression and emotions are as important as musicality and clarity. The ensemble got about 30 members and was started in 2013 by Mrs Sara Korsgren Norrby. The choir has held several well-attended theme concerts and performances: "Courage", "With eyes sensitive to green", "A heavenly life", "How fragile we are", "Our moment on earth", "Hope, Hope - that’s how we look on it", to mention some.

The composer of the choral work "The Ocean", Mrs Kristin Stenerhag, is a resident of Värmdö, Stockholm. She got a solid background as a musician and artist and has for many years arranged music for large and small contexts within a variety of different genres. In the performance of  "The Ocean" she explores the possibilities for her music to give the nature a place and voice in the public conversation, a voice that is so important today. "The Ocean" is her first part of a series of music for choir on the same theme.

Welcome to "The Ocean" performed by Norrby Vocal Ensemble at the Museum of  World Culture in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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