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World Oceans Day Vanuatu Cleanup
TVL House / Fatumaru Bay, Port Vila
World Oceans Day Vanuatu Cleanup

On World Ocean Day, people around our blue planet celebrate and honor the ocean, which connects us all. In Vanuatu we are getting together with our family, friends, community, and the planet to start creating a better future. Working together, we can and will protect our shared ocean. We are joining in this growing global celebration this coming Saturday (8th June) at TVL house down town Port Vila. Our activitties include a cleanup and litter data collection to see if our bans on single use plastics are working and what other items are a problem here. There is also a chance to ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the Vanuatu Governments efforts to keep our oceans clean and healthy by implementing our Oceans Policy. The minister Ralph Regenvanu will be attending teh question and answer session.

The Program

8:30am           Arrival & Registration of Participants 

                        Prayer & Opening Remarks

                        World Ocean Day - Plastics Analysis Clean-up Campaign Overview 9:30am:   Clean Up Activity Starts

11:00am        Re-Assemble at TVL Building

                        Question and Answer: Vanuatu Oceans & Climate Change with the                  Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

                        Reporting on Rubbish Collected 

12pm              Lunch supplied by Major sponsor TVL


Our Event partners are: 

Telecom Vanuat Ltd - major sponsor

350 Vanuatu


Vanutu Environmental Science Society

Island Reach 

Australia Pacific Climate Partnership 

Government of Vanuatu - Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Bring friends and family; All Welcome! Plastic Rubbish Bags will be provided at Registration. Teams will cover areas from Malapoa Point. Rubbish will be counted to see if the Vanuatu Plastic Ban is working! TVL will provide prizes and lunch for all participants!

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World Oceans Day Video Contest

We live in the middle of the continent, hundreds of miles from the nearest coastline.Why should we care about the ocean, and what can we do to help keep our oceans clean and healthy?

The St. Louis Aquarium Foundation invites classrooms and individuals to answer the above question by creating a video of 60 seconds or less and posting it on Instagram with the tag #aquariumstlcontest.  Post your video between now and June 3rd to enter the contest!  Featured weekly videos will be selected starting May 13th.

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World Oceans Day Virginia Living Museum

Celebrate #WorldsOceansDay at SHARK ZONE! #TogetherWeCan unite to protect all our ocean and sea animals. Let's become Shark Defenders! Visit today.

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World Oceans Day Virginia Zoo

It's World Oceans Day!
Keep our waters clean and sea-life safe by reducing your plastic use today. The Zoo's plastic-free July challenge is coming up soon; stay tuned to learn how you can participate!

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World Oceans Day Virtual Group Repatterning

Add your voice to this FREE virtual Resonance Repatterning® session to heal our relationship with our oceans. This repatterning takes place on World Oceans Day on June 8th at 10 am Pacific and 1 pm Eastern time. Wherever you live, you are affected by the quality of life of our oceans.  Your health and well-being depend on their vitality and health for both personal and global wellness.

This 60-minute virtual group session begins with a Focus Questionnaire where you can add your positive intentions and concerns. This is followed by a LIVEteleconference that you can attend, or listen to the recording at your own leisure. Either way, you will receive and create benefit in working at the quantum level to create a ripple effect for positive change for our oceans and our planet.

Sign up with this LINK: http://www.windowstotheheart.net/world-oceans-day-virtual-group-repatterning/

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World Oceans Day w/SZ Green Drinks, FEC & Yoga Sadhana!

Join SZ Green Drinks & FEC & Yoga Sadhana’s World Ocean Celebration event on the 8th of June.
在6月8日,加入由我们深圳Green Drink&FEC&x行瑜伽联合举办的世界海洋日特别活动吧!

World Oceans Day is a global event of celebration and collaboration for a better future for all ocean life. We will be travelling to Dalajia Island on a mission: Clean up the beach, leave no trace and have a good time by the sea. Please join us!
世界海洋日是一个旨在唤起人们对海洋生态的欣赏,尊重及保护而发起的全球性官方纪念日。在这一天,我们将会带着一个使命,来到美丽的大辣角: 不遗余力地清洁海洋,不留痕迹地享受时光。

S1: Preparation before hand.S1:事前准备
Every participant should sign up for this event in advance, and gather at least 3 used rice bags and bring them along. Also, in order to stop waste at the source, we ask everyone to fill up their reusable water bottles, pack your lunch and snacks in reusable containers, and bring reusable utensils/napkins. Let’s honor oceanlife with ZEROWASTE!

S2: Execution on site.S2:活动当天
We will travel to Yangmeikeng, then take a speed boat to Dalajia Island. Once we arrive, we will have lunch before cleaning up the beach and hiking around.

S3: Spread the word.S3:宣传我们的活动
Post the recordings, use our wechat moments, sina blogs, Instagram, fb, twitter and so on. Make as many people aware the issue of ocean litter as possible! Only in this way can our good wills and mission reach more people to evoke actions that really help protect the oceans.


To Sign Up如何报名?
You will need to be available on the 8th of June; we will leave Shenzhen City Center at 8am and return by 7pm.你需在6月8日当天有空。我们将于当天早上8点离开深圳市区,晚上7点返回。
You will need to prepare 3 used rice bags.你需要准备好3个使用过的米袋。
Total trip cost: 120 RMB(Give or take)预计行程所需花费: 每人120人民币

Please scan the QR code below and register, where you will get more information.请扫描下方二维码报名,你将获得更多本次活动的资讯。


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World Oceans Day walk and talk

Join the Boothbay Region Land Trust (BRLT) at the Porter Preserve, 123 Kimballtown Rd, Trevett, on Saturday, June 8 from 9-10 a.m. on World Oceans Day. People around our planet will also be celebrating and honoring the ocean, which connects us all. The ocean is an important resource because it generates most of the oxygen we breathe, helps feed us, and cleans the water we drink.

To honor and help protect the world's shared ocean, BRLT and Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences are hosting an ocean-themed walk and talk at Porter Preserve.  Participants are invited to meet at the Porter Preserve parking area at 9 a.m. and walk the short distance to Porter’s sandy beach while learning about ocean vitality and challenges from Dr. Nichole Price. Once at the beach, Dr. Price will share her knowledge of seaweeds by leading an interactive show and tell in which she discusses a variety of local seaweeds found in our waters and shares insights on the role seaweeds play in protecting ocean health and ensuring biodiversity.

Dr. Price is a senior research scientist and director of the Center for Seafood Solutions at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. As a specialist in marine ecology, Dr. Price studies seaweeds and global change. She has over 15 years of experience researching impacts of  climate change on marine ecosystems and uses this knowledge to help find evidence-based, local solutions to global challenges.    

This event is free and open to the public. Attendance is limited to 15. Registration is required.For more information or to register please contact BRLT Environmental Educator Tracey Hall: hall@bbrlt.org or 633-4818.

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World Oceans Day Weekend
Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat
World Oceans Day Weekend

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

Guests are invited to come face to face with exotic animals including a family of bottlenose dolphins, white tigers, white lions and leopards. An array of scheduled educational activities also will be offered such as “Seaside Search and Find,” “Sea Life Bingo,” “Selfies for the Sea” and “Better Bag Challenge,” which will allow guests to create their own reusable bags. 

Informational stations in the Sustainability Discovery Center will provide knowledge about water conservation, plastic pollution, marine debris and how daily decisions can greatly impact the world’s oceans.

Children 12 and under wearing marine related clothing attire will receive complimentary admission.

Friday, June 7 – Sunday, June 9
Exhibits and activities available daily 11 a.m. – 4 p.m

Admission is $22 for adults; $17 for children (4 – 12); Children 3 and younger are free. 

Tickets and information are available by calling (702) 791-7188 or visitingmirage.com

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World Oceans Day with NHRCP on Koh Tao

Join us at the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program to celebrate our glorious blue planet. Our ocean has given rise to the world as we know it; it provides us with drinkable water, breathable air, steady climate, income for families and so much more! We want to say a huge 'Thank You' and so, are hosting a variety of activities this June 8th centred around the theme of plastic pollution in our ocean. Activities will run throughout the day and include: clean ups, workshops, educational presentations and a special guest! 

We hope to inspire those who are already environmentally conscious thinkers, recruite a few more minds to join the plight to reduce plastic pollution around our island, and for visitors to take the inspiration home with them. Anyone can join us, and we hope you will! 

See you on June the 8th!


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World Oceans Day Workbook

World Oceans Day is a day to think about the extremely important role that the oceans play in all our lives, the dangers that are facing our oceans and the actions we can take to protect them.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the article and do the exercises below to learn about World Oceans Day and practice your language skills. 

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World Oceans Day x BLUEHOUSE Helgoland

Despite the storm, we did not stop this year celebrating World Oceans Day on June 8, to draw attention to the protection of our seas. Together with the James-Krüss- community school Helgoland, the RS Cuxhaven, the municipality Helgoland, the association Jordsand and the bird observatory Helgoland we organized a flashmob to self-composed music (Carsten Graetsch), offered experiments, showed an upcycling exhibition and ideas for Exchanged plastic waste prevention. Unfortunately the family rally failed due to the weather. We are all the more pleased to have this next year. All in all, it was a great day that gave us a lot of fun.

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World Oceans Day x Global Dimension

Four ways to get involved in 2019 – at the last minute!

  • Download, print and display some posters from the UN about World Oceans Day to encourage learners to find out more, or use them in parent newsletters or your social media channels to raise awareness, like these ones: World Oceans Day and the SDGsWorld Oceans Day fact or Happy World Oceans Day.
  • Show a short assembly slide show for primary schools from school
  • Ask learners to spend just two minutes at break time or after school doing a litter pick down on the beach, by a local pond – or a litter pick anywhere around school at lunchtime to help improve the environment and recycle plastic that might otherwise end up in the ocean. You can even document your efforts on your school’s social media channels using #2MinuteBeachClean.
  • Show Sir David Attenborough’s message to world leaders on World Oceans Day in class or assembly, or at lunchtime

Five top teaching and learning resource sets supporting World Oceans Day themes

  • The list of resources and activities produced for the Global Learning Programme assists teachers with lesson planning for World Oceans Day. Aimed at ages 7–14, they include curriculum-based resources produced in collaboration with the subject associations for English, maths, history, geography, RE and citizenship but may also be suitable for use in other subject areas. The Global Dimension’s Activity Kit on Water and the Oceans also has links to resources.
  • The World Ocean Network (from the US) has teaching and learning resources for all ages, from films to quizzes and activities, with a focus on climate, how we use the ocean, and plastics.
  • The Marine Stewardship Council is the global charity behind the blue fish ecolabel showing that seafood we buy has been caught sustainably. They have produced a set of teaching and learning resources for age 10-15, including an award winning film created for young people and teachers, lessons, a game, and activity ideas focusing on sustainable fishing and wider ocean sustainability issues. Why not try playing Go Fish! with your class, which aims to help learners understand what fishing sustainably means.
  • The BBC has produced a live lesson with Blue Planet Live, with curriculum relevant activities and learning resources for Science, for ages 7-11. The live lesson looked at the importance of the Earth’s rich marine life, exploring what constitutes a healthy ecosystem and the threats to our oceans such as plastics and overfishing.
  • The Story of Stuff – if you haven’t used these animated films and campaign from the US in your teaching before, World Oceans Day could be a time to try them out with learners aged 11+. There’s a new one focusing on the impact of microfibres on our environment, along with campaign ideas and resources around plastics and pollution.
  • Encounter Edu (previously Digital Explorer) has lots of learning resources for ages 7-16 on different aspects of the ocean that support the Geography and Science curricula – from frozen ocean to coral reefs. Sign up to join their Encounter Live experiences, where learners have the chance to speak directly to scientists working around the world.

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World Oceans Day x Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful

Save the Date: Saturday, June 8, 2019

Volunteers are needed to protect Tampa Bay! Bring your kayak, canoe, paddle-board, or motorboat to help remove litter and debris from the Hillsborough River. This event is open to volunteers with access to their own water vessel. We will also have volunteers on land to clean up litter and debris before it ends up in the Hillsborough River.

Lowry Park Boat Ramp – 1204 W Flora St, Tampa, FL 33604

Volunteer check-in – 7:30 AM
Cleanup – 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Volunteer Sign Up:

This Cleanup is Sponsored By:
Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water
City of Tampa
TECO Energy
Hillsborough County

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World Oceans Day x Outrigger Guam Beach Resort

World Oceans Day

This June, as part of World Oceans Month, Outrigger Guam Beach Resort is inviting guests to get in the Outrigger’s ZONE (OZONE). Guests are invited to participate Ozone activities and volunteer projects.

Ozone eco activities:

  • June 7: Ocean crafts and mini games from 1-3 p.m. in the lobby
  • June 8: World Oceans Day - paint a coral reefscape at 3 p.m.  in the lobby
  • June 8: Beach clean-up will be held from 5 to 6:30 p.m at Outrigger Beachside . Gloves and trash bags will be provided. Participants are asked to bring their own reusable water bottle. Email education@aquariumteam. For more information call 671-649-9191.

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World Oceans Day x Regional District of Nanaimo

The Shoreline Cleanup is happening from 9:30 - 11 am - meet at the Lions Pavilion.Join us for activities on Saysutshun (Newcastle Island), at Maffeo Sutton park and along the Waterfront (Yacht club to Nanaimo Boat Basin) between 11 am - 3 pm. This FREE EVENT has Marine Touch tanks, Snuneymuxw Cultural Activities, Live Music, Interactive Dive Experiences, BUILD-A-WHALE, Farmers' Market, Vessel Tours and more! See poster below for schedule of activities.



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World Oceans Day Zoo de Granby

June 8th is world oceans day.
We take this opportunity to introduce you to the involvement of Dr. Émilie L. Sewing, vet at the zoo, in a major project to better understand belugas, these sentinels of the health of the ecosystems they are part of and which are dependent on several communities!

Dr. Couture is actively collaborating on the monitoring of Beaufort Sea Beluga populations with the support of the Canadian Wildlife Health network. In particular, it has the task of supervising the "Animal Health" portion of the project.

Discover this project of a capital importance to reading this brief article: https://zoodegranby.com/fr/nouvelles/mieux-comprendre-les-belugas

Happy world oceans day!

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World Oceans Day!
Fort Fisher State Recreation Area
World Oceans Day!

Join UNCW MarineQuest on World Oceans Day! Particpiants will attend a Storm Surge Protectors workshop from 9 am-12 pm at Fort Fisher State Park, where they will learn how to conduct a wetland assessment for our new citizen science project!

After the workshop, our Turtle Trash Collector team will be hosting a beach or wetland cleanup at Fort Fisher State Park from 1-2:30pm!

Please register for the event using the link provided: https://uncwyouthprograms.wufoo.com/forms/marinequest-world-ocean-day/

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World Ocean's Day!
Utah's Hogle Zoo
World Ocean's Day!

On World Oceans Day, people around our blue planet celebrate and honor the ocean, which connects us all. Get together with your family, friends and community to start creating a better future for our planet. Working together, we can and will protect our shared ocean. Crafts, games and ocean fun. This is a great time to enjoy our Washed Ashore exhibit - works of art constructed entirely of plastics found in the ocean. Let’s all do our part to keep our oceans healthy!

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World Oceans Day: A ghost net fishing expedition at HMS PERSEUS

The legendary HMS PERSEUS submarine, which sunk off Cefalonia on 6 December 1941, will become our field of action in order to “liberate” it from the abandoned nets accumulated in the spot. The mission is organized by the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, well-known for its maritime history and research activity, in cooperation with Aegean Rebreath, and is expected to deliver a significant amount of ghost nets.

HMS PERSEUS has remained in history for the successful escape of John Capes from the ship, sunk in 52-meter depth, who was the only one saved by a crew of 61 people.

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