Australian Youth Celebrate World Oceans Day with Youth Advisory Council Member Caitlin

This year’s World Ocean Day was interesting and exciting. I was unable to attend the World Ocean Festival in New York City, so instead I turned my attention to my school community. I am fortunate enough to live in Australia surrounded by beautiful oceans and reefs, but what our youth doesn’t understand is that the pollution from our industries, primarily agriculture and mining, is quickly becoming the destroyer of our Great Barrier Reef. Yes, global warming is having a vast impact, just not as big as pollution. So on June 8th, with the help of the Student Representative Council, I held a movie screening of The Smog of the Sea, a fascinating but shocking documentary about the plastic fog in the Sargasso Sea. Our little lecture theatre was full and in spirit of World Oceans Day, I asked those who wanted to, to pledge to give up a form of plastic. The response was amazing and I still get many people telling me a couple of months later that they went to a coffee shop with their friends and specifically asked not to have a straw with their drink. The effect from one movie screening was incredible and I'm excited to reach out to more youth on World Oceans Day in 2018!


Caitlin Philipps 21-Sep-2017