Businesses Go Blue for World Oceans Day

Looking to make an impact on World Oceans Day beyond what you can accomplish by acting alone? Want to integrate your World Oceans Day celebration into your workday? Interested in sharing a personal passion with your workplace? Planning a World Oceans Day event for your workplace is a fun and effective way to get others to participate in celebrating and protecting our oceans. Check out the ideas below for one that will work for your company, business, or place of work. Remember, your company does not need to be in an environmental field in order to celebrate World Oceans Day together!

Engage your employees/coworkers

One way to bring World Oceans Day to your workplace is by organizing a company cleanup, planting day, or other excursion to benefit the environment. Follow the example of companies like AIA Sri Lanka, whose employees cleaned up a beach in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. If you’ve done a corporate cleanup and are ready for a bigger commitment, try recruiting volunteers from the community to participate in your cleanup.

Incentivize environmental efforts like car-free commuting. Consider providing coffee or breakfast for those who bike, walk, or take public transportation to work on World Oceans Day or during the entire week of June 8th.

Implement an ongoing company-wide initiative on World Oceans Day, such as starting to compost as a workplace in order to reduce your landfill waste.

Involve your customers

Extend the ocean celebration to your customer or client interactions. For World Oceans Day, offer customers paper or reusable bags instead of plastic bags and compostable utensils and containers instead of plastic ones. Alternatively, offer customers a discount for bringing their own reusable mugs, bags, etc. Or follow the lead of Rummin’ Tings, a bar in Hong Kong, which donated a portion of every drink sale to a shark conservation organization.

Reach out to the community

If your employees or coworkers are interested in education, try partnering with a local school to give presentations on a topic related to your company’s expertise and the environment. For example, if you work in healthcare, you can design a lesson on the positive links between environmental health and human health. If you work in the tech world, you can discuss an environmental problem and some of the innovative technological solutions that address it.

Other ways to engage the community are to host a guest speaker or screen an ocean-themed movie or documentary. The Marathon County Public Library in Wisconsin, USA invited an aquarium expert in for the day to host a presentation and activities for kids. The Federal University of Technology, Akure, in Nigeria, held lectures and performances for the University community, younger students, and the general public.

Finally, another educational idea is to set up a booth inside or outside of your business to educate patrons and passersby on an environmental issue near to your -- or your company’s -- heart.

Stay tuned for blog posts with World Oceans Day celebration ideas for divers, resorts, sailors, faith-based organizations, educators, and surfers!

Alexandra Thomsen 07-Mar-2017