Celebration Ideas for Resorts

Engage in conservation action

Take action for conservation at your resort by organizing a beach cleanup or coastal restoration project for your guests. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai organized an educational beach cleanup with their Natural Resources team. Alternatively, make a resort-wide commitment to ocean conservation. A group of 40 hotels and resorts on coastal belt of South India launched a Beach and Marine Environment Protection Council aimed to protect the ocean and marine life on World Oceans Day 2017. Not sure what action to take? Connect with your community leaders and local scientists to plan a project that benefits your local environment.  

Get youth involved

Get more youth involved in ocean conservation by hosting a youth focused event at your resort this year. The S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa hosted activities throughout the month of June including storytelling, show and tell booths and crafts for youth. Castaway Island Resort included youth in their many World Oceans Day activities including coral planting, Butterfly fish count, trash line game, and coastal tree planting.

Host tours of your local environment

Get your guests outside and into the natural environment around your resort. Host an eco-tour such as a coastal hike or kayaking tour with a naturalist who can educate participants about the local environment and wildlife. Meadowmere Resort, provided walking tours of their solar panels to highlight their sustainability efforts. White Point Beach Resort hosted a shoreline stroll and bird watching experience.

Make their stay eco-friendly

Offer special promotions to guests that stay or visit through World Oceans Day weekend. Consider offering special rates or packages that include eco-tours, lessons and sustainable seafood meals. Place pamphlets in guest’s rooms about World Oceans Day - contact us for content ideas. Provide them with conservation tips, such as taking shorter showers to conserve water and encouraging them to recycle within their guest rooms.

Serve sustainable seafood

Do you have a restaurant on your resort? Ask the restaurant to create a custom World Oceans Day menu and serve sustainable seafood options. The Idle Rocks offered a special World Oceans Day lunch featuring locally caught seafood. Learn more about good choices from Seafood Watch or hand out Seafood Watch's consumer guides to help guests make their own ocean-friendly seafood choices.

Host a festival

Get your resort guests and local community involved by hosting a festival that is open to the public. Make your festival interactive by inviting conservation organizations, and marine recreation businesses like dive shops and eco-friendly tour companies to engage with visitors. Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii hosted the North Shore Ocean Fest with a variety of free activities for the entire family. From live music to poetry and crafts, their event had something for everyone.  Terranea Resort collaborated with local conservation organizations to offer a full day of fun activities in honor of World Oceans Day. Guests were able to take part in painting sessions, kayak tours, and more!

Take a look at the Event Planning Guide for more ideas!

Samantha Mackiewicz 16-Mar-2018