Dive, Surf or Sail into World Oceans Day!

Every year, more and more divers, surfers, sailors and swimmers join in on World Oceans Day celebrations. Whether you choose to dive beneath the waves or stay above the surface this year, there are so many ways for athletes and recreational clubs and organizations to celebrate World Oceans Day.


Green your sport

Aquatic athletes know how important a beautiful, clean, and healthy ocean is for recreation, enjoyment, and our own health. What can you do to help keep the ocean beautiful? Make sure you’re using the greenest practices and leaving the smallest footprint possible when participating in your sport.

  • For Sailors: Consider the waste you’re bringing on the boat and make an effort to reduce packaging before you set sail, and never throw any trash overboard. Check out Sailors for the Sea’s Green Boating Guide for more tips.
  • For Surfers: Choose sustainable surf products like ocean-friendly wax and surfboards.


Host a competition

Engage your local community by hosting a competition or race that’s open to the public. As the experienced athletes compete, the public can celebrate with music, games, and sustainably sourced seafood.  Staff an outreach booth to ensure that you are highlighting ocean conservation at your event.

  • For Swimmers: Check out the Ocean Challenge, a 5km open water ocean swim hosted by Four Elements Conservation.
  • For Sailors: The University of Trinidad and Tobago held the Race to Recycle Regatta where students built and raced boats made of recycled waste materials.


Cleanup on shore and off

Organize volunteers from your recreational club or organization to clean up trash polluting your favorite recreation site. Download the Aquatic Cleanup Guide to start planning your event. The Ocean Recovery Alliance encourages the 'Oceanic Big 5' (surfers, sailors, swimmers, divers and paddlers) to come together and create ocean cleanups in places that normal beach cleanups might not take you. Visit their website for resources. 

  • For Divers: Participate in Project AWARE’s flagship citizen-science program, Dive Against Debris.
  • For Surfers: Join Surfers Against Sewage in an upcoming beach cleanup or host your own!


Share the beauty of our ocean

One of the best ways to share the wonder of the ocean is through stunning ocean photography.  For World Oceans Day, host a photo exhibition or contest. Alternatively, Show the world the beauty that lies above and beneath the ocean waves with a virtual dive, surf or sailing session. Host a live event or share footage of previous sessions on your website, blog, or social media channels.

  • For Divers: Fish Eye Project organized two live dives for the public to see, hear and communicate with a diver in real-time.


How will you dive in to World Oceans Day 2018? Register your event, and sign up for our newsletter to receive regular updates!

Samantha Mackiewicz 29-Mar-2018