Divers can promote green energy for a blue ocean

Divers need clean, green energy to keep their blue ocean safe. Why does the energy you use matter? The short answer is: burning fossil fuels pollutes. The global climate is changing, and rising ocean temperatures cause many negative effects to the ocean. The ocean is becoming more acidic, its circulation patterns are changing, and the sea level is rising. This is hurting places that divers love. But, we can make a huge difference by ditching fossil fuels, and supporting clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

Corals are in peril

The coral reefs that many divers get to see up close, are especially in danger from coral bleaching. Coral bleaching is when corals respond to the stress of warming waters by expelling their colorful algae. This can kill the coral – the backbone of an entire ecosystem. Coral bleaching is expected to increase as ocean temperatures do, and the warmer waters also increase the spread of coral diseases. We are quickly losing corals, a staple for divers and a big pull for ecotourism. In order to save them, we must make some changes in our lives.

Photo: Oceana Belize

Help coral reefs for World Oceans Day – support clean energy

Dive shops can help out by being proponents of green power and energy saving. Go all the way by using marine solar panels on your boats when going to dive sites, or starting up a car pool program to get people to your shop, to save energy on the way. Or, make a splash just for World Oceans Day:

  1. Talk about it – start a conversation about clean energy with customers on World Oceans Day. If you are unsure of how to talk about energy reduction, check out this guide by the EPA.
  2. Make a special offer for World Oceans Day – reward customers who carpool to your shop or a site!
  3. If you’re in the US, ask your customers to sign up for a home energy audit, provide information about energy efficiency help and rewards, or let them know they can buy clean energy directly.

Divers need the green movement and are in a great position to move it along. They can help maintain the ocean so future generations can also enjoy the wonderful world under the sea, as they too dive beneath the waves.

Alyssa Isakower 28-Oct-2014