Diving into 2017!

Thanks to the involvement of our partners around the world, 2016 was a great year for our shared oceanCountries made real commitments and progressThe world celebrated the establishment of the largest marine protected areas on Earth, including Hawaii, Russia, UK, and Antarctica. Cities and countries around the world put disposable plastic bag bans in place, countries better addressed fisheries issues, and nations agreed on further reducing carbon pollution, for healthier communities, countries and oceans. Ocean celebrations were held across the globe for World Oceans Day 2016, with events in over 100 countries. Let’s continue these waves of action for our ocean in 2017!  

Plans for World Oceans Day 2017 are already coming together with a focus on addressing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (specifically #14), with special focus on preventing plastic pollution and cleaning up our ocean. Moreover, building on progress made in engaging youth around the world in 2016, we are collaborating with key partners to significantly increase youth engagement across the planet 


How will YOU celebrate World Oceans Day? 

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Samantha Mackiewicz 21-Dec-2016