Diving in to World Oceans Day

Every year, more and more divers, dive clubs, and dive organizations join in on World Oceans Day celebrations. Whether you choose to dive beneath the waves or stay above the surface this year, there are so many ways divers can celebrate World Oceans Day across the globe. Take a look at these event ideas for inspiration:

Virtual diving

Show the world the beauty that lies beneath the ocean’s waves with a virtual dive. Host a live dive event or share footage of previous dives on your website, blog, or social media channels. Last year, Fish Eye Project launched the first ever live dive experience which was showcased in giant screen theaters in several science centers and aquariums across Canada on June 8. Let your dive experiences captivate the world and possibly inspire a new generation of divers to explore and care for our oceans.

Cleanup on shore and off

Some of the most popular World Oceans Day diving events include cleanups of reefs, beaches and harbors. These events can be individually organized, sponsored by larger diving organizations or led by other groups working with divers. Bitter End Yacht Club partnered with Sunchaser SCUBA, and hosted a dive against debris. Participants could SCUBA dive or snorkel to clean up the local beach and harbor. Discovery Dive Centre offered free dives to certified divers who volunteered to join their Chaweng Reef Cleanup dive. This was a great way to let divers take advantage of a free dive while leaving a positive impact on the environment.


Photo Credit: Mar Javierto, iShootBVI

Dive through photography

One of the best ways to share the world of diving is through stunning underwater photography.  For World Oceans Day, host an underwater photo exhibition or contest among your local dive network. Last year, Scuba Sport Club of New York hosted underwater photographer Jennifer Idol, the first woman to dive in all 50 states of America. Jennifer shared her photographic journey to inspire people to care for and protect our underwater world.

Create fun for all ages

Get children and adults of all ages involved in your celebration even if they aren’t divers. Last year, SCUBA Diving Club Danubius hosted workshops for a variety of ages. From fun games and crafts for preschool kids to educational lectures on becoming a scuba diver for adults, their event offered something for the entire family. Consider catering part of your event to inspire young divers as well. It is important to give youth an education and exposure to the ocean to learn to care for it.

Restore reefs

This World Oceans Day, do more than just a recreational dive. Give back by participating in a coral restoration program. Coral Restoration Foundation, holds and annual Coralpalooza where participants receive hands on training with staff before heading out for their reef restoration dive. They also raise awareness amongst their community with a public presentation.

How will you dive in to World Oceans Day 2017? Submit your event, and sign up for our newsletter to receive regular updates!

Samantha Mackiewicz 14-Mar-2017