Event Ideas for Aquariums

World Oceans Day is a great day for the public to visit their local aquarium or zoo to learn about and celebrate the incredible marine life in our oceans. Make your celebration special with these ideas:  

Shed Light on Science

Make science topics like ocean acidification, pollution and climate change accessible to your visitors. Conduct a science demonstration that will engage and excite people of all ages. The National Marine Aquariumin Namibia, celebrated World Oceans Day with an open day for schools and the general public that included exhibitions from their research departments. Exploris Aquarium enabled kids to become marine scientists for the day and catch up on some microscopy skills and seaweed identification.

Incorporate the Animals

Research shows visitors are more likely to care about and listen to conservation messages when linked with a specific animal. The animal connection can be used to raise awareness and promote action.  At an aquarium you already have access to many marine animals so why not bring them into the celebration? Shedd Aquarium hosted a special Facebook Live event from their stingray tank for visitors and their online audience to learn more about these incredible ocean animals.

Engage in the Arts

Art is a great way to harness creativity, express feelings and values as well as garner attention. From crafts to murals, visitors can engage in art as a hands on way to share the importance of our oceans. The Primorsky Aquarium’s celebration included art workshops on pottery, glassware production and watercolor painting. SEA LIFE Paris Val d'Europe raised awareness through the arts with music, educational and theatrical workshops for children, with a particular focus on the oceans issues such as over-fishing and plastic pollution.

Get Outside the Aquarium 

Besides having an awesome celebration onsite, move beyond the aquarium and host an event in your local community such as an aquatic cleanup. The Grand Aquarium Saint-Malo hosted a cleanup at a nearby beach. The Seattle Aquarium teamed up with Puget Soundkeeper to organize Hour for the Ocean Cleanups. Seattle residents spent one hour cleaning up multiple beaches and waterways.

Keep the Celebration Going 

Why restrict your World Oceans Day celebration to one day? Host multiple events throughout the weekcontinue with events throughout June, and even consider participating in Plastic Free JulyResorts World Sentosa & S.E.A. Aquarium celebrated World Oceans Day with ocean-themed events throughout June. SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast hosted family sleepovers where families could spend the night in the aquarium and learn more about the animals.

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Samantha Mackiewicz 03-Apr-2018