Event Ideas for Any Business

Any business can celebrate World Oceans Day whether they are in the environmental field or not! Planning a World Oceans Day event for your workplace is a fun and effective way to get your employees and coworkers to participate in celebrating and protecting our ocean. Check out the ideas below for one that will work for your company, business, or place of work.

Engage your employees & coworkers

Incentivize environmental efforts like car-free commuting. Consider providing coffee or breakfast for those who bike, walk, or take public transportation to work on World Oceans Day or during the entire week of 8 June. Alternatively provide giveaways like reusable tote bags and water bottles to employees who bring zero-waste lunches.

Organize a company cleanup or other excursion to benefit your local environment. United by Blue removes one pound of trash from our world’s oceans and waterways for every product sold. For World Oceans Day, they partnered with REI stores to conduct two weeks’ worth of aquatic cleanups.

Implement an ongoing company-wide initiative on World Oceans Day, such as starting to compost as a workplace, incorporating regular cleanups into your company’s calendar or going plastic-free wherever possible. Foodstuffs announced that their supermarkets will be micro-bead free across New Zealand on World Oceans Day 2017.


Involve your customers

Extend the ocean celebration to your customer and clients. Offer customers special World Oceans Day discounts for your products or services. Alternatively, create a special product in honor of World Oceans Day! Survival Straps partnered with Guy Harvey to create a collection of ocean-inspired accessories.

Give clients the resources they need to use less plastic. Provide paper or reusable bags instead of plastic bags and compostable utensils and containers instead of plastic ones. On a larger scale, Fraser Yachts helped yacht owners, captains and crew to limit their yacht’s pollution with education and resources.

Reach out to the community

If you’ve done a corporate cleanup and are ready for a bigger commitment, try recruiting volunteers from the community to participate as well. In 2017, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce organized a series of aquatic cleanups across Canada with their employees and community members.

Other ways to engage the community are to host a guest speaker or screen an ocean-themed movie or documentary. Patagonia in Vancouver hosted a free screening of A Plastic Ocean accompanied with a Zero Waste Market Mini Pop-Up Shop. Visit this page for recommended films and documentaries.

Finally, set up a booth inside or outside of your business to educate patrons and passersby on an environmental issue near to your, or your company’s, heart. Invite local conservation organizations to host a booth and provide your employees and customers with volunteering opportunities. 

Download free resources for your World Oceans Day celebration! Make sure to register your event to promote and share your celebration with the world on the event map!

Samantha Mackiewicz 23-Mar-2018