Event Idea: Festivals!

Photo: Downderry & Seaton OCEAN DAY

World Oceans Day is about bringing people together to celebrate and improve communities. A great way way to get the whole community involved is throwing an ocean themed festival! A festival can be a big bash on its own, or a twist on an existing event.Read on for some examples and tips for organizing your own festival for this June.

Activities and action for the ocean

This past June, Our World is Blue held their annual Downderry & Seaton Ocean Day in the UK, which attracted 250 people. The group worked with multiple partner organizations and made sure their event was interactive to keep people interested and engaged. Their activities included: a youth sea creature competition, ocean artifacts and microscopes to interact with, a display of local fish, cooking demos, ocean animation demos, and much more. They kept the focus on the need for action by asking visitors to make an Ocean Pledge when entering the event.

Plett Hope Spot Committee in South Africa also had an assortment of activities to celebrate World Oceans Day and Plett’s unique beauty and importance. Visitors could attend a marine art auction, clean ups (both on the beach and underwater on the reef with local divers), a sand castle competition, and volleyball. The event was an opportunity for community members to have fun be a part of protecting a very special local place.

Photo: Downderry & Seaton OCEAN DAY

Quick Tips on Planning a Festival

  • Plan a variety of things happening, geared at many different ages. This way you can attract whole families, and keep their attention. A great way to do this is to invite a mix of different community organizations like nature centers, businesses, recreational clubs, non-profit organizations, etc.
  • Get people to commit to coming ahead of time, by having registrations for competitions (such as a sand castle competition, local seafood cooking competition, and an ocean-themed art competition).
  • Spread the word of your event in many different settings. Try sharing with local businesses, schools, local newspapers, and online event listings.
  • A way to punch up your beach cleanup is to give it a twist. One possibility is to start the day off with a beach clean-up and end it with a sea castle competition. You can teach people how to safely remove trash, and why a trash-free sea is important while also giving them a chance to enjoy their newly cleaned beach!

Are you planning on holding a celebration for World Oceans Day in June 2015? Let us know right now, so we can make sure you get all the info you need!

Alyssa Isakower 22-Oct-2014