Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate the Sea

World Oceans Day is almost here, and if you don’t know how you’re going to celebrate yet, this post is for you. Maybe World Oceans Day snuck up on you this year, or maybe you just didn’t have time to put together that lesson plan, cleanup, or workshop… either way, we’ve got you covered with these stress-free ideas. 

Show Your Support on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to show your support for the ocean on June 8 is by using our free resources to change your profile or cover photo, share a video, and raise awareness for this special day!

Plan a Mini Cleanup

An environmental cleanup doesn’t have to be a large-scale effort. For an easy, fun, low-stress activity, get a group together and head to the beach, river, or another favorite nature spot and clean up any trash you can find. You could even make it a competition – and you know where you can find some cool prizes?! Just don’t forget the gloves and trash bags! 

Prepare a Sustainable Meal 

Shopping for sustainable seafood can be hard if you can’t find sustainable options for your go-to types of fish and shellfish. Start by checking out these sustainable seafood recipes and try something sustainable that may be new to you, even if it’s a little out of your comfort zone!

Petition to Recognize World Oceans Day in Your Community

Is World Oceans Day officially observed in your town or city, state, district, province, or nation? If not, follow our easy Community Proclamation & Petition step by step guide to help your community join the growing list of those around the world who are making this unique celebration on June 8th an officially recognized annual event.

Whiteboard Photo Project

Take inspiration from the Selfie for the Sea campaign: set up a photo booth – or just grab a camera and a whiteboard – and take pictures of others holding up a whiteboard with their World Oceans Day pledge written on it. You may also want to have a list of some sample pledges people can take to protect ocean health.

 If none of the above appeal to you, check our event map to find a World Oceans Day celebration you can join!

Alexandra Thomsen 25-May-2017