Support Clean Energy for ocean health!

Protect our ocean from acidification

Ocean acidification is one of the greatest threats to the ocean, and, ultimately to humankind. Since the Industrial Revolution, ocean acidity has increased by 30%. The culprit? Carbon dioxide pollution – from burning of fossil fuels. This leads to potentially very dangerous outcomes, such as weakening of coral reefs and the collapse of the base of the ocean food chain: plankton, upon which fish, dolphins, whales – and humans – all depend.

We can all be part of a movement to shift our society to clean, renewable power: by supporting clean energy projects, and reducing our carbon footprint!

It’s impossible to tell where the actual power in your home comes from – it’s probably a mix of dirty and clean sources. You can support bigger, better clean energy projects by buying a renewable energy credit. Each credit goes towards starting or supporting new wind farms.

Here are a few tips on how to save the ocean by reducing ocean acidification:
Saving energy is an easy way to help the ocean – it’s is as easy as flipping a switch. Turn off everything that could use energy and you don’t need anymore when leaving the room, and unplug electronics and appliances when you’re not using them. Generating electric power produces more pollution than any other industry. So flipping a switch really makes a difference!
When you are buying new appliances, or even just a light bulbs, always look for products with the energy star rating.
Renewable energies like solar and wind power are becoming more and more popular sources that can supply your community with clean energy. Inform yourself about the importance of clean energy and check with a local utility company for options to buy affordable, renewable green energy.
Can you walk, bike or take the public transportation more often? Have you ever thought about carpooling? Leaving your car at home cuts down on greenhouse gases, which helps coral reefs and so many other creatures (including us)!
Make sure your house is properly insulated, so you are not heating the entire planet! Energy lost through un-insulated windows and doors can waste 15% of your home’s heating energy, and adds to your power bill. A home energy audit can help you make sure your heating is as efficient as possible.

You can also purchase a Renewable Energy Certificate. By purchasing a credit, you can ensure that you are truly supporting clean energy. The money you spend will help new renewable power project. This is an affordable way to ensure that your support of clean energy is represented in the marketplace, no matter where the actual energy in your home comes from.

Check out these websites for more information:

Don’t forget World Oceans Day on June 8th and check out all the great events all around the world. Find one in your area and join the celebration to show your appreciation for the ocean!

Anna Fend 14-May-2014