TRASH TALK: what IS the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

What is marine debris, and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

NOAA Ocean Today's TRASH TALK is a special feature that introduces marine debris in an engaging, age-appropriate way. We invite everyone focusing on ocean plastic pollution to use this great, free video in your World Oceans Day celebrations.

Watch the video now:

TRASH TALK Short Preview featuring Pacific Garbage Patch (2:08)

Activity ideas

The video can be paired with activities to give the lessons more context and connection. Watch this recorded webinar for exciting, hands-on marine debris activities to use with the debut of our TRASH TALK Special Feature.

Watch the TRASH TALK Activities Webinar

The webinar activities are designed to get people thinking about how trash in the ocean impacts marine life and what you can do to prevent it!

So enjoy the Sneak Preview and mark your calendars for the TRASH TALK Special Feature early premier June 5th.

--Kurt Mann, Executive Producer, Ocean Today

Kurt Mann, Executive Producer, Ocean Today 25-May-2015