World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council Welcomes 14 New Members

We are excited to introduce 14 new members to the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council! It was difficult to narrow the 1,100 interested young people down to 25 finalists and even more difficult to choose the final 14. Thank you to the Selection Committee who helped select the winners! 

The Selection Committee included: 

  • Andres Franco (Geneva, Switzerland)Associate Director of Communications, Global Hair & Sustainability at Procter & Gamble  
  • Charlotte Vick (Austin, TX, USA), Director of Engagement at Mission Blue   
  • Julia Schnetzer (Breman, Germany), Project Manager at Ocean Plastics Lab    
  • Hannah MacDonald (Alpena, MI, USA), Youth Leadership Council Coordinator at EarthEcho International   
  • Sang-Jin Kim (Kassel, Germany)World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council AlumnusComputer Science Student at Minerva Schools 

The new Youth Advisory Council members represent 12 different countries and come from diverse backgrounds, however, they all share a common love for protecting the ocean. 

Meet the new members below or read their full biographies. 


Aldrin Aujero, Philippines

“I want to be able to amplify the voice of my country and use my talents to change attitudes on plastic pollution. I want to amplify the voice of the ocean.”  

Anushka Bhaskar, USA


“The time is NOW. And I am so ready to show the world the power of dedicated young people.” 


Isabelle Grace, Switzerland

“I believe that each person needs to take action in leading efforts to stop ocean acidification, pollution from plastics, overfishing and other serious threats to the ocean.”  

Laura Park, United Kingdom 

“I want to influence and inspire the next generation to value our ocean and the creatures that live inside of it. I want to share my passion for marine conservation with the world.” 


Mae Paula Ross Clareza, Philippines 

“People must understand that we need the ocean more than the ocean needs us. When we all start to understand that the ocean is a vital part of our lives, then we will live in a world where environmentalism will be an ordinary thing to all of us.” 


Nicolas Chesta, Chile 

“Every day, I see how the oceans are changing. While there is a greater awareness in more recent times, it’s so important to continue to understand how our actions impact our blue planet.” 


Olivia Livingston, Liberia 

“I believe that the ocean can still be restored to a pristine condition but only through the integrated efforts of every human being, both young and old.” 


Portsea Turton, Australia

“Being a part of a global network of youth has unquantifiable potential. Together, we truly have the ability to change the future of our oceans.” 


Rebecca Loy, Singapore 

“I remain increasingly hopeful about the future – when we combine young energy, innovation, connectedness and diversity, I believe that our youth can make a real difference in ocean conservation.” 


Shantana BarbeSeychelles

“I want to show the world that the importance of celebrating World Oceans Day is much bigger than they may initially realize.”  


Sophie Handford, New Zealand

“With so much of the earth covered by our ocean, it is like the blood of our earth. I am always honored to work with anyone who has a passion for ocean conservation. “ 


Summer Snell, UK 

“Many people don’t understand how much the oceans affect each and every one of us regardless of whether we live near the coastline. The key to change is changing that mindset.” 


Unelker Maoga, Kenya 

“I want to learn, share and grow with the other members. We all play a critical role in changing the future of our oceans.” 


Yusuf Kavuma, Uganda

“I am not just an environmentalist – I am someone who believes that anyone can be the change they want to see in the world.” 


This group will join the existing 10 Council members to help expand the reach and impact of World Oceans Day on the 8th of June, and with continued engagement year-round. This brings the Council to a total of 24 members representing 20 different countries. Council members are instrumental in helping shape the development of World Oceans Day as it grows, providing new and unique perspectives, ideas, and recommendations. 

By collaborating on their current projects and embarking on new endeavors, this energetic group of young people show great promise in rebuilding the health of our oceans and conserving them for generations to come.  

Rachael Coccia 28-Nov-2018