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World Oceans Day is June 8th and it’s just around the corner! With 8 million metric tons of plastic making its way into our oceans annually, we want to bring attention to preventing plastic pollution. Join Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for our #5ForTheOceans challenge and help us raise awareness of this critical issue plaguing our oceans.

Between today and June 8th, collect 5 pieces of trash (or more), post a photo with the hashtag #5ForTheOceans (wear your Jolly Roger for bonus points) and you may be featured on our social media outlets!

Can’t make it to the coast? Clean up the beach from the city! Trash makes its way into sewers and waterways that can eventually lead to the ocean. So, pick that plastic wrapper up off the sidewalk and grab that straw from the gutter; you’re helping clean the beach!



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